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What happens after I complete the booking?

After the booking is completed the local is informed about the details of the pickup and an email is sent to introduce you with him. After the introduction, we will keep you in the loop and inform you about every little detail about the ride through email notifications up until the moment you meet at the arrival gate. The drivers know exactly where to find you and what to do in case of a mishap so rest assured that everything will go according to plan.

Is it more expensive than a taxi ride?

The official price for a taxi ride from the airport to the city is 38 euros during the day and 54 during the night. That said, Welcome Pickups is nothing like a taxi ride and does not compete with that model. Our goal with the service is to connect you with an actual Athenian who, apart from transferring you, will answer any question you might have during your first hour in Athens and make your first moments unique and memorable. Think of it like a friend with a car.

How do you select the drivers?

The drivers who participate in the service are selected and trained in order for you to have an excellent experience. They have done many rides each, and are continuously reviewed for their quality of service. Each of them have a unique personality, and in the long run our goal is to let you select what type of personality and car you would prefer for your pickup.

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