Taxi Transfer from Athens Airport to Lavrio Port & Cruise Terminal

Athens Airport Transfer - Taxi

Taking a taxi is probably the most convenient option if you are wondering how to go to Lavrio Port from Athens Airport. You can catch a taxi following the signs at the arrival level.

The ride from Athens Airport to Lavrio Port is roughly 40km  and will take you 35 minutes.

Legally there is no flat cost  from the airport  to Lavrio Port but expect to pay around 40 to 60 euros depending on the day/night shift.  You will pay for the transfer according to meter stand, so make sure the driver resets the meter as soon you start the transfer.

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Bus Transfer from Athens Airport to Lavrio Port

ktel attikis

Right opposite from the arrival exits 2 or 3, you can catch the suburban bus (called KTEL) from Athens Airport to Lavrio port, the bus station is in front of Sofitel Airport Hotel.

The public transport bus to Lavrio runs every hour, from 06:30am to 20:30pm and then the last bus departs at 22:00. The timetable might change so make sure you check the bus schedule prior to your arrival , click here.

Tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver and you need to change buses at an intermediate station called Markopoulo.

Bus Departure Times: Athens Airport to Lavrio Port
Monday to Sunday

Hour Minutes
06 30
07 30
08 30
09 30
10 30
11 30
12 30
13 30
14 30
15 30
16 30
17 30
18 30
19 30
20 30
22 00

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