Greek Coffee and Athens: A Guide

Greek Coffee in Athens

Ordering a coffee in Athens is no casual affair. Greeks take their coffee very seriously and ‘coffee breaks’ can take a good few hours. For Greeks, drinking coffee is like a friendship ritual, they make sure to talk about each other’s lives and really enjoy their time together.

Coffee in Athens is prepared very much like an espresso. Freshly roasted coffee is finely ground and then prepared in a small aluminium or copper pot, called a ‘Briki,’ heated over hot sand. It is then served in a small cup much like an espresso glass. If prepared correctly, the drink should be extremely strong and have foam on top.

Going for a traditional Greek coffee in Athens is the perfect way for you to get in touch with the culture and even socialize with the locals.

hot sand greek coffee

Where to find Greek coffee in Athens

Athens is littered with quaint little coffee shops on almost every corner, but not all of them serve a truly traditional Greek brew. However, the following places are home to the best coffee in Athens.


Cafe Taf

Home to one of the finalists in the ‘World Barista Championships’ competition, you know that the coffee here is going to please. This outstanding speciality coffee shop is hidden away on one of the quieter side-streets of Athens. The cafe itself is bright and airy, giving the illusion of being much bigger than it actually is.

Their expert baristas are always on hand to give recommendations and answer any questions you may have. A good thing when they have over 30 different single origins and blends. Even on a Monday afternoon Taf is welcoming and lively, the perfect place to enjoy a traditional Greek coffee without any pretension.

Tailor Made

Tailor Made is one of the first ever speciality coffee shops in Athens. They are located in the cosmopolitan area of Monastiraki. Although now Monastiraki is a central hub of bars and hip restaurants, this neighbourhood used to be the epicentre of tailors and fabric shops in Athens. Tailor Made’s name and in-house blended coffee truly reflect this rich history.

You can sip on a rich, traditional Greek coffee, or as the DJ starts to play, get a little more adventurous and add a dash of alcohol to your delicious blend. Tailor Made also sells their dry coffee, brewing equipment, cups and infusions, so you can make Greek coffee from Athens, at home.

Just Made 33

This is a coffee connoisseur’s dream! Just Made 33 earned 1st place in the 2016 World Cezve, Ibrik Championships. They serve the absolute best traditional ibrik coffee in Athens. However, if you’re in the mood for something a little less flashy, then you can enjoy their speciality espresso blends and single origins, all from Sapid Coffee Roasting Co.

Just Made 33 has a spacious terrace where you can sit out in the morning sun or enjoy a tasty afternoon snack from their extensive menu. If you fall in love with their coffee, you can buy 250g bags of the freshly roasted and ground beans to take home.

Little Tree Books & Coffee

This adorable little cafe opened in 2016, and its seats have been filled with wide-eyed book lovers ever since. Little Tree Books & Coffee serves up some delicious traditional Greek coffee with a side of best-seller. You can sit next to the huge windows and enjoy a good read while you sip your coffee – perfection!

What makes this little cafe even more special is that it has a wonderful view of the famous Athens Acropolis. Little Tree Books & Coffee also sells a selection of homemade cakes and sweet treats which change daily. This is the perfect place to escape the crowds and enjoy a quiet afternoon coffee in Athens.