Welcome for Hotels: Free Service for Extra Hotel Revenue

Your guests deserve the warmest Welcome. They will be visiting a new city, and it is the company’s mission when providing transfer service to make that first impression count, so as to set the right tone for the duration of their stay. This partnership can bring this impeccable value and much more to you and your guests, just as we do for the 500+ hotels we are already working with.

How does it Work?

When in collaboration with you, a personalised landing page will be created for your guests, where they can book their airport transfer in as little as 30 seconds. They will also receive a dedicated email, in case they choose to book later, with an automatic notification 7 days prior to check-in. Once the transfer is booked, your front desk is provided with critical customer data, such as exact flight arrival time, any information on delays and when the guest is approaching, so you can take it from there to greet them in a personalised manner that is sure to bring a smile. Whilst all of Welcome’s taxi drivers are of exceptionally high standard – going through an application process and training to ensure their English language skills, local knowledge and manners in greeting are up to the highest professionalism – there may be certain drivers we employ that you as a hotel prefer to use more frequently. In which case, you are given the choice to select your preferred Welcomer. And there is no need to be concerned if you are already operating a preexisting guest transfer service. Welcome drivers can seamlessly integrate into parallel with those current drivers.

Benefits for your Hotel

Yet you’re possibly still wondering how this directly benefits the hotel itself? Well, firstly, the partnership with Welcome and integration of it’s software is entirely free, and you can choose your own commision on top of the standard transfer fee, meaning an extra per guest revenue stream. Whatsmore, due to the incoming information from our pre-established data, you will actually have reduced administration work at the front desk, and therefore you can dedicate more resources to the best personalised introduction and concierge services. This translates to higher customer satisfaction, greater opportunity for up selling hotel products and services and consistent top reviews from customers. Also, by customising and branding your guests experience with their Welcomer, you’ll also stand out from your local competition and exude brand awareness, right from the first moment your customer arrives.

More than just a Transfer Service

Things don’t always run perfectly smoothly, but Welcome has a proven track record of handling issues – proven by the 100,000+ 5 star reviews! There is a dedicated 24/7 customer service team with full email and phone support to any hitches in the arrival time of the plane and driver coordination. Also, customers arrival times are monitored for any delays or cancellations, keeping the pressure off your front-desk team. This information is fed back to you, so you can offer early or fast check-in and efficiently manage room allocation before the customer requests you themselves. Or, in the event of a cancellation, you can swiftly open up unoccupied rooms for rebooking. Plus, you can offer special treats to those customers affected by a stressful flight delay, to put their good mood back on course. So, with everything a partnership with Welcome freely provides you, you can focus on doing what you do best. Being the best host!  


Welcome for Hotels

  • Our creme-de-la-creme of drivers
  • Direct integration with your Front Desk Systems
  • 24/7 Support to you and your guests
  • Personalized page with your hotel’s logo and photos
  • Dashboard with Critical Customer Data

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