Meet George L

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Meet George, our Business Development Representative, based in Athens. As one of the few Greeks who were born in Athens and still live here, he has some great recommendations for places to visit outside the typical spots.

Explain the item you are holding in your photo.

I purchased this book at a small flea market while visiting Marseille, France. I was immediately drawn to the book with its unique texture, hand-painted images inside and weathered look. The book turns 90 years old this year and is one of my fondest travel purchases.

How many countries have you visited?

I’ve been to 11 countries and 40 Greek Islands (He probably has us all beat on this…)!

What is one of your hobbies?

I like to build miniatures. My very first miniature was of a truck and it took me 24 hours of straight work to finish it. Since then, I’ve built many more sceneries, boats and landscapes.

What is your favorite part about your job at Welcome?

Getting to get out of the office and meet new people, get to know them and build relationships.

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

It has broadened my worldview and made me a better person. It’s good for my mentality, personal flexibility and has taught me to keep an open mind.

Where do you recommend visitors go while in Athens?

There are so many hidden gems in Athens that most people don’t see. Lake Vouliagmeni is a great example as well as the Botanical Gardens to the west of the center.

Interesting facts about George:

  • He lived and worked in Italy for two years.
  • He once had an elephant dump a bucket of soapy water on his head at the circus – after he mistakenly found himself in the show ring, when he should have been just a spectator!