Meet Lefteris

Meet our in-house Software Engineer, Lefteris. As our ruby-on-rails expert, he doesn’t know much about people named Ruby (or trains, for that matter) but he does know a lot about website architecture and development. He’s also a bit of a melomaniac

Where are you from?

Athens, Greece (he said proudly!)

Tell me about the item you are wearing in your photo.

welcome pickups lefteris
Those are my favorite headphones that I purchased back in the day when I created amateur EDM tracks. I also love them on noisy planes, especially during long-haul flights when I’d like to sleep. They’re great since they allow me to tune out all other sounds and really focus on the indie rock or hip hop that I’m always listening to.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I love watching documentaries. It’s my secret obsession since it allows me to discover worlds that I otherwise would have no insights into. I’d probably say that Virunga is one of my favorite documentaries so far.

What is your favorite thing about working at Welcome?

I love being able to experiment with a variety of technologies, methods, architectures and services. Also, I like that we have a fast turn-around from implementation to going live – that way I get to see my work assisting in the user journey immediately.

What is an experience you think visitors in Athens would enjoy?

I recommend visiting Hymettus mountain if you enjoy hiking and being outdoors. It provides a great 360 view of the city and some nature in the middle of a sprawling Athens.

What are your thoughts on travel?

I hate the ‘travel’ part of traveling…the waiting around at the airport, the turbulence from strong winds at 39K feet…but I love arriving in a new destination and really trying to experience it like a local. Tourist attractions are great but I always want to see more than just the typical spots and leave feeling like I know something about the people that live there.