Meet Sergey

Meet Sergey, our new addition to the design team as the Lead UX Designer! He currently lives in Moscow so keep reading for his recommendations for things you can’t miss around the city.

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Where are you from?

Where did you last travel?
My wife and I recently visited Rome for our honeymoon. (Congrats to you both!)

What attracted you to Welcome?
I liked that Welcome is unique, with no other service like it. I also liked that it is a design-focused company and is small enough that I am able to work directly with the founders.

How long have you been at Welcome and what is your background?
I only started at the beginning of May so I am still learning but I came from working at Russia’s largest internet products company, Yandex, where I was the Ad Product Designer (similar to Google AdWords). I have a background in UI, UX, interface design, application design and other web design disciplines.

Do you have any tips for those visiting Moscow?
You must visit the center – walk around and enjoy the beautiful architecture, bridges, forests and views of the river. Watching the sunset in Moscow is also a must, especially if you have a prime spot on the river.