Taxi Transfer from Larnaca Airport to City


Larnaca Airport Taxi

Taxis are readily available and waiting outside of the arrival terminal. A Taxi from Larnaca Airport to the City Centre takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on traffic, and is charged according to distance by a meter.

The taxi meters are charged at a rate of 0.73€ per km plus a starting tariff of 3.42€. So the journey from Larnaca Airport to the City centre will cost approximately 15€

The fastest route to the City Centre is via the B4. However, at peak times traffic builds up on this motorway, so your driver may take the alternate route on the inland motorway, A3.

Larnaca Welcome Pickups

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Welcome will personally select your driver, and will instantly send you an email containing their name, photograph, phone number, so you know exactly who will be picking you up at Larnaca Airport. Before you even step off the plane your Welcome driver will be waiting for you outside your arrival gate to escort you to your car.

The best part about booking a Welcome Pickup is that it will cost you exactly the same as a generic taxi from outside the Airport, you can avoid any bad driver experiences, and there are never any hidden extra costs.

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Bus Transport from Larnaca Airport to City


Larnaca Airport Bus in Cyprus

The inexpensive public buses can be found directly outside of the arrivals terminal, on the  left hand side of the Upper Departure Level exit. The Zinon buses leave approximately every 60 minutes, depending on the line. Buses run 7 days a week even in the holidays, with the earliest bus departing is 6:05 and the latest at 22:45.

You can purchase tickets once on the bus from the driver. A day ticket cost a flat rate of 1.50€ for adults and 0.75€ for students. A night ticket costs 2.50€ for adults and 1.25€ for students. Children under the age of 6 always ride free.

See the latest bus timetables here.


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