Best Places for Shopping in Granada

Granada is a city well known for its iconic locations, like the Alhambra, as well as its flamenco and delicious tapas bars. It is also relatively small, which makes navigation and exploration fairly easy. This is great news for anyone interested in the best shopping whilst visiting. Being a place of great culture and artistic heritage, Granada has a range of beautiful souvenirs and trinkets for sale. It is also a modern city, with a large student population and worldly locals. Therefore, many of the major international brands can be found here, alongside more local favorites. Whether you are in the market for fashion, handbags, sandals, ceramics, groceries or spices, you don’t have far to go. Shops are generally open from 10:00-14:00 pm in the morning, close over the afternoon and reopen from 17:00-20:00 pm. They are mostly all closed on a Sunday.

Puerta Real

The central area for clothes shopping in the city, with a long history of textile production and sales. For example, the Calle Zacatin held a large textile market during the years of Nasrid occupation. Other streets in this neighborhood, with well-known stores, include the Calle Reyes Catolicos, Calle Recogidas, Calle Mesones, Calle San Antón & Via de Colon. Some of the more major brands in this area include H&M, Zara and Mango.

Granada Puerta Real de España

As with any shopping area of the city, it is a great opportunity to wander at your own pace and enjoy the sights and sounds of the experience. In and around these major streets are a number of smaller cobbled streets, with their own charm. Amongst them are traditional, small, family-owned shops, with a wide variety of products. Some cafes and bars can also be found here, providing a great opportunity to rest your legs with a nice beer or coffee.   

Fajalauza Ceramica

A local specialty that can not be overlooked is the gorgeous blue-green ceramic work that originates from Granada. It is known as Fajalauza and is highly distinctive. The name comes from the medieval gateway that formed the entrance of the ceramic workers quarter. The style itself is known to date back to 1517. It can be found throughout Granada, in many shops selling souvenirs, as well as in many restaurants and bars. The centerpiece of the designs is usually a pomegranate. The factory was known as Fajalauza, Fábrica de Cerámica is located at the intersection of Calle Fajalauza and Carretera de Murcia. This is the best place to get authentic Fajalauza ceramics.

granada ceramic

La Alcaiceria

In the area of the Granada Cathedral and the Royal Chapel is this historic place that was once a silk market, dating back to the Moors. It is alternatively named the Great Bazaar, due to the huge importance that it had in daily life. Dating from the 15th century or earlier, a large fire destroyed the original market in the 19th century. However, it was rebuilt shortly after in neo-Moorish style. Today it is a very popular spot with tourists and is a great location to pick up souvenirs. Comprised of a series of small streets, that stretch from the Royal Chapel until the Calle Reyes Catolicos. Typical finds include t-shirts, accessories and home decor items. Although true to the markets Moorish origins, you can find all sorts of traditional items. Textiles, leather bags and sandals, teapots, lamps, and hookahs are amongst the wares for sale.

Granada Alcaiceria

La Calle Calderería Nueva

One of the main places that we have covered before, it is such a charming street that is worth visiting for a variety of reasons. It begins close to the Plaza Nueva and winds away amongst shops and tea houses, reminiscent of the city’s Arab quarter of the past. It is a very charming place and can be likened to a medina in Morocco. Also, it is very popular with tourists, so there are lots of souvenir shops here. You can also find many traditional crafts, such as rugs, furniture, ceramics, spices, lamps, mirrors, teas, and traditional clothing. You can also come across some bakeries, serving the locals with many delights. In the region, you might even want to try your haggling skills, as is customary to a bazaar. The defining point is the absolute variety of color. The street is also a popular route in the Albaicin neighborhood.  

Granada Calle Calderería Nueva

El Cortes Inglés

For the all in one shopping experience, take a visit to Spain’s largest department store. Fairly easily located in the centre of town, entrances are available on both La Carrera de la Virgen and the Acera del Daro. In size and scale, it is equivalent to a Harrods or Macy’s of Spain. You can find just about everything here. From clothes to furniture, from makeup to grocery items and anything else you could need for your household. Opening hours are more consistent as well, from 10:00 am -22:00 pm. Also, if you need to grab something at an inconvenient time, there is the subsidiary shop Opencor on Paseo de la Bomba. With lots of supermarket and bakery options, it may come to prove to be a useful store. 

Granada El Corte Ingles

Granada’s Local Markets and Products


No trip to a different city would be complete, without experiencing one of the local markets. This is where the everyday life of the citizens goes about its business most energetically. Given Granada’s history as a centre of cultures and production of local goods, it has a long tradition of marketplaces. Today, this still holds true. The market at the Plaza de San Augustin is an excellent place to begin, with spices and foodstuffs being found in great variety. The Plaza Larga in the Albaicin neighborhood holds an excellent fruit and veg market, for any fresh cooking you want to do at home. The Plaza de las Flores is a great spot to pick up fresh flowers and potted plants. All in all, don’t hesitate to step into the vibrancy and color of the Granadan market.  

Granada Plaza de las Flores

There are many fantastic places to explore and lots of souvenirs or gifts one might wish to purchase, all around Granada. Continuing on from our other article, that highlighted the best areas for shopping around the city, we want to inform you about the best local delights that can be found. Granada has a strong tradition of local artisanal crafts, many of which make beautiful and authentic souvenirs. The crafts are still strong to this day, with a variety of local and handmade products for sale around the city. Known as traditional artesania they contain a variety of influences, from the Moors, historic Iberia and Christianity. These are items of unique value and of far higher quality than what can be found at the majority of shops. As such, the prices are likely to reflect this. Yet, they are products that cannot be found anywhere else, and truly reflect the character of the place. 

Esparteria San Jose

Close to the Cathedral in the centre of the city, this is a delightful shop that has been open since 1907. It is a craft shop of numerous wooden products, which has been within the same family for many generations. The emphasis of the products is on the gorgeous wood of the olive tree, which is locally sourced in the region. There is all manner of chairs, spoons, shelving, bowls and baskets, both on display and inside. The shop owner/craftsman is very productive, so there is a large variety. There are also a number of wicker products, such as bags and special chairs. These can be seen all over the city, decorating cafes and restaurants, as the wicker patterns and bright colors provide a spark of charm.  

Posted by Espartería San Jose on Monday, August 7, 2017

Gil de Avalle

On the Plaza del Realejo, 15 is the shop of Daniel Gil de Avalle. His primary craft is the making of guitars by hand. These are particularly special classical, flamenco and Latin style guitars. Given the long tradition of guitar making in the region and the huge popularity of the instrument, this master workshop is a paradise for aficionados. He also creates other flamenco instruments, such as castanets, and produces sheet music. You can find a range of instruments of all prices, starting from lower cost beginner entries, through to high-end and custom built models. During the week, the shop is open from 17:00-20:00 and late morning on a Saturday.

Posted by Luthier Daniel Gil de Avalle on Monday, November 12, 2018

Farmacia Galvez

No longer a place for purchasing traditional products as such, but nonetheless the heritage of the shop makes it well worth a visit. This pharmacy has been open since 1890 and still contains many remnants of the historic shop to prove it. The old shop fittings are still intact, alongside the old ceramic medicine jars on the shelves. These are ornaments of particular beauty, that complement the aesthetic of the pharmacy itself. Inside you can find many of the commonplace medicines, as well as locally produced skin cosmetics and rose balms. 

Posted by Farmacia Galvez on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Artesanías González

Marquetry is a craft which is iconic to Granada and can be seen throughout the city. This is the traditional woodwork that emblazons beautiful patterns and motifs into wooden items. A perfect place to pick up a little gift or souvenir in this beautiful fashion is at Artesanias Gonzalez. It is not only a shop selling the authentic product, but it is also a workshop where you can see it being produced. You can find products such as coasters, jewelry boxes, board games, and tables. The shop has been open since 1920 and can be found on Cuesta de Gomérez, 12.

Granada Artesanias Gonzalez

Granada Vinos

Hopefully, it is clear where we are going with this one. Spain generally is known to have excellent wines, going back to the ancient days of Roman Spain. The warm, sunny climate of Andalucia provides the perfect conditions for vineyard cultivation. As such, the people of Granada know a thing or two when it comes to choosing a good wine. This shop has a fantastic selection of local wines, as well as a number of organic options. They are also a select range of imports from the Americas.

granada wine

Artesania Beas

Another place to find locally made marquetry and the associated Taracea, but at this place you can find a broad variety of materials. In the vain of the traditional practice, dating from the 14th century, you can find works of tortoiseshell, pearl, and bone. The artisan at this shop is 80 years old and has been at his craft all his life. His products are something of an heirloom, which may not last as the work is very difficult. You can find it in the Zaidin neighborhood on Calle Santa Rosalía, 20.  

Granada Artesanía Beas

Tienda Librería de la Alhambra

Whilst strolling through the ever popular Calle Reyes Catolicos you will find this amazing bookshop. The emphasis is primarily on all things Alhambra, so it is a perfect place for studying up on the majestic palace complex. You can find simple books such as guidebooks for your trip there, as well as deep dives into the history of the place and the Islamic arts. There are also a number of gift items here, such as photo prints and stationery.

Alhambra Books

The Ham Shop

One of the culinary highlights for most people who visit the Iberian peninsula is the jamón ibérico. This is the ham that is especially well known throughout Andalucia. At this shop, the many varieties of hams and local meat cuts and deli meats are available for taking home. There are also many deli selections to accompany the main entry, such as preserves and jams. Some local wine varieties can also be found here. 

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