Things To Do in Amsterdam You Can’t Miss

Things To Do In Amsterdam You Can’t Miss

Amsterdam, the glittering capital of the Netherland’s, is known for its rich artistic heritage, intricate canal system, and stunning 17th-century architecture. There are endless winding streets and elaborate canal intersections to get lost in and each corner reveals another charming aspect of the city.

Whether you’re looking to explore the famous red light district, soak up the amazing history of Amsterdam, or just explore the many fascinating neighborhoods, you’ll be amazed at the many places of interest in this bustling city.

biking amsterdam

The top things to do in Amsterdam

Cycle the city’s canals

Jumping on a bike is one of the most Dutch and fun ways to see this beautiful city. Because of the thriving cyclist community in Amsterdam, there are hundreds of special bike lanes and cycling spots to explore the city in safety.

The entire city is crisscrossed by 165 canals and almost all of them have a special space for cyclists. Bike your way through Amsterdam’s Museum Quarter, the artsy Pijp and along the most picturesque of all the canals, Prinsengracht.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam during December and January, don’t miss the Festival of Light along the city’s canals and streets.

Soak up the history at Anne Frank’s House

There is no story quite as compelling as the amazing history of a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank. It just so happens that Amsterdam is where the house is located that Anne’s father, Otto Frank, hid his family during World War II.

Since being opened to the public, the front of this famous building has been changed into a fascinating museum where visitors can learn about life during the war. However, the back of the house has been preserved to give an idea of the horror Anne Frank had to endure during that difficult time.

Explore The Red Light District

There’s no denying that the Red Light District is one of the most famous areas in Amsterdam. It’s known for its raunchy clubs, ladies of the night and interesting shops, but if you look past its promiscuous reputation, you’ll find one of the city’s prettiest places.

The Red Light District is full of picturesque canals, fantastic bars and restaurants, amazing nightlife and plenty of artisanal and local shops. Look up and marvel at the unusual architecture and enjoy the addictive energy of one of Amsterdam’s most famous districts.

vienna schoenbrunn gardens

Stroll through the Keukenhof Gardens

Amsterdam is famous for its vibrant and beautiful Tulips, and there’s no better place to see them than in the Keukenhof Gardens. These breathtaking gardens stretch over 79 acres and are home to over 800 varieties of tulips and other spring flowers.

With over 7 million bulbs planted each year, these magnificent gardens only get more beautiful as time passes. Explore a section of the 9 mile long footpaths and be sure to bring your camera for some unforgettable photos.

Admire the artwork in the Van Gogh Museum

No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without paying a visit to the museum of the most famous Dutch impressionist, Vincent Van Gogh. This stunning building is located in the famous Museumplein and is home to over 1000 pieces of the artist’s work.

Take your time to marvel at the famous paintings and drawings, and learn more about the famous artist through his many letters. You can also get a great insight into the life of Dutch artists through the numerous artefacts and notes from Van Gogh, his friends, and his family.

Get lost in the streets of Jordaan

Known as Amsterdam’s most charming neighbourhood, wandering through Jordaan’s cobble stone streets is like stepping back in time. The narrow winding streets are filled with independent stores, art galleries, beautiful little courtyards and antique shops.

At night, the streets and bridges are lit up with glittering fairy lights and the many bars and restaurants come alive with chatter and music. So, throw away your map and fully explore these magical streets.