Uber in Lisbon: Everything you need to know

Whether you need a transfer to and from the airport or an in-city ride – you can find all the information you need about using Uber in Lisbon, alternative transport options, and which is the best choice for you right here.

Is there Uber in Lisbon?

Yes, Uber is available in Lisbon as well as other popular destinations in Portugal such as Porto and the Algarve. You can take advantage of an array of services including UberX, UberXL, Comfort, Uber Black, Green, UberX Share, and UberX Saver.

UberX is a classic sedan service for up to 4 people, Comfort provides a 4-seat vehicle with extra legroom, and UberXL offers vehicles that seat up to 6 passengers with ample space for luggage.

Uber Black is a premium service with high-end vehicles and top-rated drivers popular amongst business travellers and those after a little extra luxury. Green rides are operated with electric or hybrid vehicles and cost about as much as UberX. 

If you’re on a budget, Uber Lisbon also offers cost-effective options. UberX Share is a ride-sharing service that pairs riders heading in the same direction and splits the cost. Likewise, UberX Saver is a ‘wait to save’ service, offering cheaper rides on the condition riders wait longer for their pick-up. 

How much is Uber in Lisbon?

Even though Uber Lisbon calculates fares based on taximeter regulations set by authorities, the benefit of using the app is its ability to provide you with real-time price estimates ahead of time. That being said, your final fare varies depending on the service you select, the time of day, the distance travelled, and so on.  

The cost of an Uber taxi in Lisbon is typically cheaper than standard taxis, however, the company applies surge pricing during periods of high demand – sometimes making it the more expensive choice. For instance, an Uber X is the most affordable option, typically costing around €8-€10 for a ride from Lisbon Airport to the city centre. Likewise, you’ll pay around €6 for a 5 km ride within the city. 

*Tolls and surcharges may be added to your final fare.

Lisbon Airport to city centreBotanical Gardens to National Pantheon (5 km)
Uber X – €10Uber X –  €6
Uber Black – €16Uber Black – €14
Standard Taxi – €14Standard Taxi – €8
Welcome Pickups private transfer – €26Welcome Pickups private transfer – €14

Alternatives to taking an Uber in Lisbon

From the airport

Private transfers are a popular choice when travelling to and from the airport, as they come with perks such as guaranteed fixed prices, trained English-speaking drivers, meet and greets, and more. To skip the hassle at the airport, you can book and pay for your Lisbon Airport taxi in advance and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your driver will be waiting for you the moment you land.

Alternatively, you can take one of the official airport taxis found lined up outside of Terminal 1. You can use the airport’s free shuttle bus to get there. If you’re landing at Terminal 2, you’ll need to catch the airport shuttle to T1. Just bear in mind that these taxis do not accept fixed fares.

If you’d prefer to use Uber at Lisbon Airport, the pickup point is located in the Kiss & Fly zone near the P1 car park. It is often the cheaper choice, although prices for routes to and from the airport can increase significantly during peak season.

Getting around Lisbon

Aside from Uber, taking a taxi in Lisbon is always an option. You can hail one from the street, call a company and arrange a pickup, or walk to the nearest rank. You can find ranks near major transportation hubs such as the main train stations, the ferry terminal and the airport, or outside high-end hotels and popular sites.

You can also download other popular ride-hailing apps such as Bolt, and you can still book in-city rides with Welcome Pickups if you’d prefer a fixed fare and a trusted English-speaking driver.

Lisbon airport white taxi
Lisbon Taxi

Is Uber safe in Lisbon?

Taking an Uber in Lisbon is safe but you should still keep your wits about you. Thankfully, the app offers a few ways for you to ensure your safety such as driver ratings and a live map to track your vehicle.

Likewise, official taxis in Lisbon are also pretty safe, although they are known to drive rather quickly. However, as in any large city, some drivers may try to overcharge you by taking a longer route or claiming the taximeter doesn’t work. To avoid this, always check the driver resets the taximeter before you start the journey and check your ride progress in Google Maps.


How much is an Uber from Lisbon Airport to the city centre?

An UberX from Lisbon Airport to the city centre typically costs between €8 and €10, whereas the Uber Black service is priced at around €16. Although you have the advantage of receiving a price estimate in advance, rides from the airport are subject to surge pricing and can be significantly more expensive during peak season.

Where is the Uber pickup at Lisbon Airport?

If you request an Uber at Lisbon Airport, you’ll need to head to the Kiss & Fly zone near the P1 car park. This is the official pick-up area for ride-hailing services.

Can I pay by card?

Ride-hailing apps like Uber allow you to pay by card through the app once the ride is terminated. You can also pay by card in advance by booking a private transfer.

Do I need to tip my Lisbon Uber driver?

Tips are not expected, but if you particularly enjoyed the service you can tip your driver through the app.

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