Top Water Activities in Zakynthos

Enjoy the Best Water Activities in Zakynthos

The best way to cool down after enjoying the sizzling hot Greek sun is to dive into the water. Luckily, Zakynthos is jam-packed with amazing beaches, waterparks and water sports centers, so you can enjoy every second of the splash. Whether you want to float away on a lazy river, race your family down a giant waterslide, kayak alongside sea turtles, zoom through the sea on a banana boat or explore an ancient shipwreck, we have all of the top water activities in Zakynthos here for you.

Explore the Mysterious Shipwreck at Navagio

Could there be anything more magical than swimming through crystal clear turquoise waters, looking out at a mysterious shipwreck? Well, at Navagio this magical dream becomes a reality. Each day boats take out excited visitors to the most popular beach in Zakynthos so they can marvel at the famous shipwreck. The ship is called Panagiotis and is said to have belonged to smugglers who ran aground and had to abandon it in 1980. Although most people visit Navagio because of the shipwreck, they most definitely stay because of the stunning surroundings of the picturesque cove. If tall tales of pirates and spectacular turquoise waters are your idea of a great day out, then a visit to Navagio is one of the best water activities in Zakynthos.

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Have some Eco fun at Tsilivi Waterpark

Known as an “aquatic paradise”, Tsilivi Waterpark have set themselves apart from the rest by keeping the vibrant natural surroundings throughout the entire park. Between each thrilling water ride, there are lush tropical plants and exotic flowers blooming happily. This fantastic waterpark truly has something for every age. The little ones can splash the day away in a dedicated pool filled with water spurting animals, an exciting pirate ship, a whole jungle to explore and many child-friendly slides. The adults, on the other hand, have an entire world of adrenaline-filled adventure before them. The Turbulence slide that flings you into the air, the eerily mysterious Blackhole, the Multi-slide for group fun and the open-air rafting are just some of the amazing water activities available. If all this excitement gets a little too much for you, you can always opt for an afternoon floating peacefully down the lazy river.

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Get wild at Banana Beach

Banana Beach is located on the southeast part of the island in Vasilikos, and it’s a water sports lover’s dream. Every day, people flock to this famous beach to enjoy an adrenaline-packed adventure in the water. No matter what your preference, Banana Beach has the absolute best water activities in Zakynthos for you. Take a ride on the flying fish, the U.F.O, jet ski or, of course, a banana boat. Take a kayak or a paddleboard out into the deep blue and explore on your own, or join up with a local company to soar into the sky on a paraglider. The best thing about being on such a beautiful beach is that you can kick back and relax on the sand after a morning filled with salty fun.

Discover the turtle island on a kayak

Nothing screams island paradise like kayaking alongside graceful sea turtles. Turtle Island earned its name not from the many turtles that nest there and swim in its waters, but from its unique turtle-like shape. This small, picturesque islet is located in Laganas bay and is surrounded by the most breathtaking turquoise waters. It’s the perfect place to hop on a kayak and spend the afternoon turtle hunting in the calm sea. The surrounding caves are also easily reachable by kayak and are the perfect place to dive into the refreshing water for a spot of snorkeling. Any animal lover is sure to deem this one of the top water activities in Zakynthos.

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