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How to get from Ibiza Airport to Portinatx

Portinatx is one of best resorts known for its magnificent beaches. You can use 2 different means of transport if you are travelling to Portinatx from Ibiza airport: Taxi and Bus. Taking a taxi from Ibiza airport to Portinatx is by far the most convenient and, at the same time, most expensive option. The ride will cost approximately 90€ and it will take around 35 minutes. A much less expensive, but indirect alternative is the bus. The whole bus journey will cost only 6.45€ per person and the average travel time is just over an hour.

Comparison of the options

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Route 35 min

How to get from Ibiza airport to Portinatx by taxi

Taking a taxi is by far the most convenient option when it comes to travelling from Ibiza airport to Portinatx. Just remember that you should always pick a taxi from the official ranks that is white-colored, with green stripes on the sides. When the traffic flow is moderate, the ride should not take longer than 35 minutes.

Taxi fare from Ibiza airport to Portinatx

The fare of the journey will be calculated by a taximeter, based on distance. Depending on the time of the day, additional charges may apply. However, the average cost of a taxi trip from Ibiza airport to Portinatx is 90€.

Where do I get it from?

The official taxi ranks are located just outside of the airport's arrivals hall.

Pre-booking a taxi

You can pre-book a taxi at the same price as a regular cab from the line with Welcome Pickups. In addition to a comfortable ride you also will get:

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Hiring an Ibiza airport taxi from the airport is the only way to travel straight to Portinatx since taking the bus involves changing lines at the centre of Ibiza town. In addition, taxis run 24/7 and provide very convenient and quick services.

Editor’s Note

Keep in mind that Portinatx offers you the opportunity to travel to Puerto de San Miguel and San Antonio via small ferry boats.

Useful Tips

Ask the driver for an estimate for the cost of your ride.
Taxis in Ibiza are white-colored and have green stripes on the sides and roof signs.
For groups of more than 4, you can always hire a taxi-van.

How to get from Ibiza airport to Portinatx by bus

Unfortunately, there is not direct bus service from the airport to Portinatx. In order to get to Portinatx from the airport, first, you will have to take the airport bus L10 to Ibiza town and from there to board onto the bus L20A towards Portinatx. The average travel time of the whole bus journey is 65 minutes. However, the trip can be very difficult and time consuming since there are only 5 buses per day that travel from Ibiza town to Portinatx.



Trip Duration

65 Min.

Total waiting time for the buses is around 4 hours.

Value for Money
L10 buses run from 06:20 a.m to 00:20 a.m during the summer season and from 07:20 a.m to 11:50 p.m during the winter season. The L20A buses travel only 5 times per day every 2-4 hours from 08:00 a.m to 07:45 p.m.

How much is the bus from Ibiza airport to Portinatx?

A single one-way bus ticket costs 3.50€ for the L10 bus and 3.95€ for the L20A. Tickets can be purchased straight from the driver of each bus with cash.

Where do I get it from?

The L10 bus stop is located just outside of the arrivals hall.

The L20A bus departs from Eivissa Ciutat - Av. Isidor Macabich in Ibiza town.


The bus journey might be cheap, but with only 5 trips per day it can be very challenging and tiring after a long flight and when you are travelling with small children and many pieces of luggage.

Editor’s Note

While in Portinatx, do not miss the chance to visit the 3 amazing beaches of that small urbanization, S'Arenal Gros, S'Arenal Petit and Playa Porto Beach.

Useful Tips

There are no direct buses from the airport to Portinatx during the summer season.
Ibiza downtown has many restaurants, cafeterias and shops to keep you entertained while waiting for the bus.
You have to buy separate tickets if you are switching bus lines.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Ibiza airport to Portinatx?

The average price of taxi trip from Ibiza airport to Portinatx is 90€. Without traffic, the ride takes around 35 minutes.

How much is a bus ticket from Ibiza airport to Portinatx?

The total cost of the whole bus trip from the airport of Ibiza to Portinatx is 6.45€ and tickets can be purchased with cash from the bus drivers.

How far is it from Ibiza airport to Portinatx?

The distance between Ibiza airport and Portinatx is approximately 36 km. You can get from the airport to Portinatx either by taxi or bus.

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