Transfer Options from Milan Airport to Lake Como

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How to get from Milan Airport to Lake Como

Lake Como is a popular tourist destination. There are 2 different options to get to Lake Como from Milan airport: Taxi and Train. Taxis can provide the most convenient and fast services. The price of a ride with a Milan airport taxi will be approximately 91€ and it will take around 1 hour and 20 minutes. As an alternative, passengers who prefer a cheaper option can use the train for their transfer. However, there is no direct train line between the two locations. The whole trip costs 9.90€ and the average travel time is 60 minutes.

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How to get from Milan airport to Lake Como by taxi

Traveling from Malpensa airport to Como by taxi is certainly the most convenient and safe option. The taxi ride will be charged by a taximeter, as there is no flat rate for that trip. Under normal traffic conditions, the journey will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

A windscreen sticker displaying "Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo" shows that your taxi is a licensed one and that its meter is adjusted for this transfer.

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Taxi fare from Milan airport to Lake Como

Your taxi ride will be charged by a taximeter, depending on the exact location of your destination. There might be additional costs from late-night driving or driving on public holidays. However, the estimated cost of the journey amounts to 91€.

You can always check if taxi companies offer a fixed price if you book your trip in advance.

Where do I get it from?

You can easily locate the taxi stands just outside of Terminal 1 (Arrivals), near gates 4 and 5.


Even though taxi rides can be expensive, hiring a taxi is the best transfer option. Sit back and enjoy the 85 minutes trip without having to worry about stops or losing your belongings.

Editor’s Note

If you do not want to wait around the airport after a long flight, then take taxi. However, there are other cheaper modes of public transport that can provide decent services.

Useful Tips

Always pick a taxi from the official taxi stands.
Ask the driver if extra charges will be applied to your trip and why.
Let the driver know that you are aware of the average price.

How to get from Milan airport to Lake Como by train

The train journey from Milan airport to Lake Como lasts long and it is inconvenient because it is not possible to travel between the two locations directly. First, you have to take a train to Saronno train station (Stazione Ferroviaria di Saronno) and then catch a train towards Como Nord Lago railway station. Train tickets for the whole trip cost 9.90€ and the travel time will be approximately one hour.



Trip Duration

60 Min.

Waiting time is around an hour.

Value for money
Malpensa express trains run from the airport to Saronno train station all day every 20 minutes. Regional trains from Saronno train station to Como Lago Nord operate from 06:34 a.m to 00:42 a.m every 30-40 minutes.

How much is the train from Milan airport to Lake Como?

One-way regular tickets from Malpensa airport to Saronno train station cost 7€.
One-way regular tickets from Saronno train station to Como Nord Lago railway station cost 2.90€.

At Malpensa airport, train tickets can be bought from the automated ticket machines and ticket kiosks.
Once you arrive at Saronno train station, check the timetables for the next available train to Lake Como and buy your ticket from the ticket desks.

Where do I get it from?

As of 2016, Malpensa airport has a train station in both Terminals 1 and 2. In order to find the train station from Terminal 1 follow the signs that say "Treni". If you land on terminal 2 head north of the arrivals hall and you will find the train station connected to the airport by a footbridge. Trains for Saronno railway station leave from platforms 1, 2 and 3.

*Trains that travel towards Milan can follow different routes because the city has two major train stations (Cadorna station and Milan Centrale). However, you can take any train since all of them stop at Saronno railway station.


After a long flight, the train journey can be long and inconvenient. Not only you will have to switch trains, but considering the waiting time, your trip from Milan airport to Lake Como can be longer than two hours.


Train schedule from Malpensa Aeroporto to Saronno railway station

Editor’s Note

It is important to note that the last trip from Sarono train station to Lake Como (00:42 a.m) is operated by a bus instead of a train.

Useful Tips

Do not forget to validate your ticket before you enter the train.
Children under the age of 4 travel for free.
Make sure you are on the right station when you exit the train.
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