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How to Get from Paris to Disneyland

There are few places that symbolise the expression of family joy in Europe like Disneyland Paris, a characteristic place that is sure to be a highlight of your entire holiday. There are two Disney parks in Paris: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio Park, which are both located roughly 45km to the east of the centre of Paris. The original park opened in 1992 along with the resort, and the second park opened in 2002. It is one of the most popular and magical attractions of all of Paris. 

There are five ways to get a trip from Paris to Disneyland, a Welcome Pickups two-way transfer, an organised coach visit, an RER regional train, a local taxi or your own car rental.

Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €185 (both ways) 33 Min 24/7 Private & Customisable with a Local English Speaking driver
Coach €120 (per person) 12 Hr 4 per day Organised
Train €4 (one way) 35 Min All Day Cheapest Option
Taxi €130+ 40 Min All Day Private
Car Hire €100+ 40 Min 24/7 Private & Comfortable

Welcome Pickups Private Two- way Transfer from Paris to Disneyland

Enjoy a hassle-free round transfer to Disneyland from Paris in your own private, luxury vehicle with Welcome Pickups. You can avoid public transport and be picked up from your own location of choosing, at your own time. You will be picked up by an English-speaking, local driver who, after a quick introduction, will take you to Disneyland. Along the way, your driver will give you their own advice on what to see and explore first, which rides to go on and more. You can also set your own time to be picked up, returning to whichever location you choose.

How Much Does It Cost?

A two-way private transfer from Paris center to Disneyland begins at €185 for a luxury vehicle able to accommodate 1-4 passengers, such as a Sedan. A larger vehicle able to accommodate groups of 5-7 people is also available for €240. These prices do not include entrance fees to Disneyland parks. Note that Welcome gives you the flexibility to choose what time you want to be picked up from your hotel and return back from Disneyland after your visit is complete. 

Where Do I Get It from?

You will be picked up from the location that you choose to at the time that you nominate. When you book your round trip, let them know when and where you would like to begin your day trip to Disneyland Paris. This might be from your accommodation, from a café, restaurant or a central point of interest. It is the same for your return, you may be dropped off at whichever central location you choose at a preferred time after your visit to Disneyland from Paris is complete.


A Welcome Pickups transfer to Disneyland from Paris is tailored in every way to be as convenient as possible. You are picked up from your location of choice at the time that you decide and will be transported right to the Park entrance by your local, English-speaking driver. The vehicle is luxurious and equipped with all your needs for the trip on board, as well as being large enough to accommodate your whole group. When you are finished with your adventure at Disneyland, your driver will be there to take you back to your location of choice in the centre of Paris.

Editor’s Note

The Disneyland parks are a magical place, but they are very busy. To get on to rides, you could spend a long time waiting. There are fast pass tickets that can be purchased to cut down waiting times and make your visit that bit sweeter.

Organised Coach Visit from Paris to Disneyland

Coach tours are a popular mode of transport for tourists to visit other areas of the city or the country on a day trip or excursion. There are options to take a coach transport from the centre of Paris to the Disneyland parks and back. You will go in a modern coach from a central location, usually with a host on board. There are coaches which include entrance tickets to the Disney parks, or those which are simply a transfer. The language of the host can be either English, French or Spanish. The total time from pickup to drop off is around 12 hours, so you will have approximately 10 hours at the park.

How Much does it Cost?

A coach transport that includes entrance tickets costs €120 per person, however a simple transfer from Paris to Disneyland begins from €19 per person. Prices may be influenced by the season, how far in advance you book and which company you take.

How Often Do the Buses Run?

The buses run throughout the year and depart from Paris at a number of times, including: 8:10am, 8:20am, 8:30am and 8:45am. The return time is usually at 8:30pm.


Taking a day trip to Disneyland fro Paris with an organised coach makes the trip more convenient. There is no responsibility to drive there or to park and pickups are available from the city centre. It is also possible to have tickets included, meaning there is no need to queue for them at the park. The limitation is that you need to leave at the time the bus goes and to return on schedule with the bus.

Editor’s Note

There may be an option to purchase tickets for either or both Disneyland parks, as they have separate entrance tickets. Check with your company before booking if it is possible.

RER Regional Train from Paris to Disneyland

The RER regional train is the most accessible form of public transport to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris center. It runs from the centre of Paris out to the outer zones of the city. It is part of the same public transportation network as the metro and city buses, and it is therefore accessible through the same ticketing system. You can take the RER line A towards the station Marne-la-Vallee which is a 2-minute walk from Disneyland Park. The train trip to Disneyland takes approximately 35 minutes.

How Much Does It Cost?

The ticket for an RER regional train is the same as any standard single ticket on the Paris public transport network: €1.90. If you are leaving from a different metro station you will need to purchase more than one ticket as you can’t use the same ticket to change from the metro. But, a single journey to Disneyland and back is €3.80.

How Often Do They Leave?

The RER trains to Disneyland leave like metro trains, so they go every few minutes throughout the main part of the day. They begin from around 5am until midnight.


The RER regional train is by far the cheapest option to travel to Disneyland from Paris and is a straightforward, direct transfer from the city centre to the parks. There are many trains running throughout the day so it is easy to catch a train. Yet, public transport tends to be crowded and can make the journey a bit uncomfortable.

Editor’s Note

There are two routes the RER A can run in the east, one towards Disneyland at Marne-la-Vallee and the other to Bolsy-St-Leger. Make sure you choose the correct train on the way.

Local Taxi from Paris to Disneyland

There is a large fleet of taxis in Paris, around 18,000 of them across the city. They do not come in a uniform colour or style, but are recognisable by the distinct white taxi sign on the roof. Taxis are metered and there are a variety of meter costs across the city, depending on the zone. Taxis can be flagged down easily across the city, and there are numerous taxi ranks located around the city, particularly in the centre. Taxis that are free will have a green backlight on their white sign and an amber-red light if they are occupied or heading to pick up a passenger. Taxis are available all day long. A trip Disneyland Paris by taxi would take about 40 minutes.



How Much Does It Cost?

The initial fare on a taxi meter is €2.80 and costs extra per kilometer, the further outside zone 1 you go. Disneyland is about 45km east of Paris and so you can expect to pay at least €65 each way, perhaps more if there is a lot of traffic.


A taxi makes it easy to leave at any time you choose and to come back when you prefer. It also gives you your own flexibility to be at the park for as long as you want. However, this option can be very expensive for what it offers, particularly if traffic is bad in the city. You also cannot guarantee the quality of service, as the taxi driver is random and most probably wont speak English. Overall taking a taxi trip to Disneyland from Paris is an expensive and overall option unsafe option.

Editor’s Note

Taxis are not allowed, by law, to park within 50 metres of a taxi rank. If you are having difficulties hailing a taxi, it may be because you are closer to a rank. From there you can easily pick up a cab.

Private Car Hire from Paris to Disneyland

There are many outlets across Paris with opportunities to hire your own private car. The big names like Hertz, Sixt, Rent a Car, Europcar, etc. all operate around the city. Paris is much like any other large, European capital, with well organised roads and traffic routes. Having your own car can be an excellent way to go to Disneyland Paris on your own schedule, going when you choose and returning when it is best for you. The drive takes about 35 minutes from the centre of Paris, although this may be affected by traffic. If you wish to hire a car, you must be over 21 years old, have a relevant driving licence and have had it for at least 2 years.

How Much Does it cost?

Hiring a car rental can be cost-effective, although it is dependent on the vehicle that you choose, how far in advance you rent it, where from, etc. That being said, the price can be as low as €30 per day. You will also need to pay fuel charges which may amount to another €40 or more. You will also need to pay for entrance to Disneyland and parking which is €30 for a car.


Having a privately hired car can be a cost-effective way to visit Disneyland Paris, particularly if you are travelling as a family together. It is also private, away from the confusion of public transport. However, it may be a bit difficult to find your way to the Disneyland parks that are outside of the city.

Editor’s Note

Having access to a GPS system or Google Maps can make finding the park a lot more straightforward, as well as avoiding the highest traffic times. If you book tickets ahead of time, you can avoid the amount of time you would otherwise spend queuing.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get from Paris to Disneyland?

There are five ways to get from Paris to Disneyland: A Welcome Pickups private two way transfer, taking a local taxi, taking the train, an organised coach tour, or your private car hire.

How much is the train from Paris to Disneyland?

The train from Paris to Disneyland is the same cost as a standard public transport ticket: €1.90 for one way.

How far is Disneyland from Paris?

Disneyland is approximately 45km from the centre of Paris and it takes about 45 minutes to get there by car without much traffic.

Which train station in Paris goes to Disneyland?

The train stations you can catch the RER regional train to Disneyland are Chatalet, Auber and Etoile.

How long is the train from Paris to Disneyland?

It takes roughly 40 minutes from Paris to Disneyland by train. Trains start from Chatalet, Auber and Etoile train stations.

Can you do Disneyland Paris in a day?

Absolutely! You can enjoy a day out and have a great time in Disneyland Paris. You could also have a great time visiting the amusement parks over a number of days.

How much is a taxi from Paris to Disneyland?

A taxi would cost approximately €60 from Paris to Disneyland and you can hail one from any point in the centre of Paris.

How many days are enough for Disneyland Paris?

You can enjoy Disneyland Paris in a single day, but with so much to see, you could also take a few days for the whole experience.

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