Private transfer & Taxi from Ciampino Airport to City of Rome


Outside of Ciampino Airport you can easily find the queue of Roman taxis, they are white with the City Council’s crest printed on the front door.

There is a flat cost for the regular taxis within the Aurelian Walls of 30€, just make sure you are aware whether your drop off destination is within or without the walls. Outside of the city ring the normal taximeter fare applies so make sure that the taxi driver sets the meter as soon as you start the ride, you can see the map of the Aurelian walls here.

If you would like to avoid hidden costs or surprises it advisable that you book a private transfer with a chauffeur. The price may varies from 40 to 60 euros but it is by far the least stressful option.

Please avoid any car or shuttle service that approaches you for a transfer upon your arrival, there might not be licensed drivers.

Rome Welcome Pickups

The last few years, there is a 5-star reviewed company offering pre-booked transfers with the best, English-speaking drivers of the city named Welcome Pickups.

You can pre-book your private transfer from Ciampino Airport here.They assign a driver for you and send you all his personal details at your email including name, photo and phone number. Drivers are waiting inside your arrival gate. The cost of  Welcome Pickups  same regular taxi from the line outside the Airport (€48)  and you avoid any extra fees or a bad driver experience.

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Taking the train from Ciampino Airport to city of Rome


Leonardo-Express Train - Rome Airport

Leonardo-Express Train – Rome Airport

Ciampino airport is not connected direct with train or subway to city or Rome.

Transportation from Ciampino airport to city of Rome via train takes approximately 1 hour and is by far the cheapest  but most complicated way.

You have to catch the  bus form Ciampino airport to Ciampino railway station and then take the train to city of Rome. The bus to Ciampino railway station departs every 30 minutes and you need 15 minutes from airport to station, the ticket costs 1 € and the bus station is located right outside of the arrival exit. Every 20 minutes there is a train from Ciampino railway station to Roma Termini (Rome central railway station).

You can pre-book you tickets from Ciampino railway station to Roma Termini here.  The journey costs in total 2.5€ (one-way ticket) however it will take you more than an hour to reach city center.  Be aware that there is no train after midnight.

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Bus Transfer from Ciampino Airport to City


Rome Airport Bus - Terravision

Rome Airport Bus – Terravision

There are 3 companies providing bus transfer from Ciampino Airport to city of Rome. TerravisionSitBus and Rome Airport Bus.  The bus ticket price varies from 4€ to 7.90€ per person and the ride takes approximately 45-50 minutes depending on the traffic. You can find your tickets at the bus station of Ciampino airport or pre-book your tickets on the websites of each company.

All buses have an end destination the Termini railway station in Rome, where you can take a train to any other city or the metro.

You will find SitBus station out of terminal 3, Terravision station at the bus station Polo-bus, stop n° 1 (existing the arrivals area, turn left and go straight) and Rome Airport Bus station at Stall No. 2 ( out of terminal turn left , parking lot n° 2).

Terravision bus departs every 30 minutes from 08:15 am  and the last ride departs from Ciampino airport at 23:40 pm.

SitBus ride starts at 07:45 am and the last ride is at 23:59 pm from Ciampino airport. SitBus departs every 30 or 45 minutes.

“Rome Airport Bus” first ride is at 04.00 am and the last one is at 22.50 pm.

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