Transfer Options from Santorini Athinios Port to Fira

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How to get from Santorini Athinios Port to Fira

When travelling from Santorini Athinios port to Fira you have two transfer options, taxi and bus. Taking a taxi is the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Fira from Athinios port. The journey will take 30 minutes and and costs ~35€ in the day. The cheapest option is to take the public bus. The bus costs 2.30€ and takes around 85 minutes including waiting time.

Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups 35 30min 24/7
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Taxi 35 30min 24/7
Bus 2.30 25min 07:20 - 18:55

Route 30 min

How to get from Santorini Athinios port to Fira by taxi

Taking a taxi from Athinios port to Fira is quick and easy. The taxis wait in an area next to the ferry to pick up the passengers 24/7. The taxis are charged based on season but are usually 35€ to Fira. The total journey time will be 30 minutes. As there are a limited number of taxis on the island, you may have to share your taxi with someone else.

Taxi fare from Santorini Athinios port to Fira

Taxis are a flat fee from Athinios port to Fira, and usually cost 35€. However, taxi prices are determined yearly, according to destination and season (low or high), so there may be some variation in price depending on when you are traveling.

Where do I get it from?

As Athinios port is now the main port in Santorini, taxis queue up just outside of the port ready to take passengers to their final destination on the island.

Pre-booking a taxi

You can pre-book a taxi at the same price as a regular cab from the line with Welcome Pickups. In addition to a comfortable ride you also will get:

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As taxis are available 24/7 and can take you directly to your final destination, they are a very convenient transfer option. However, during the summer months, the port can get extremely busy, and you may have to wait a long time for a taxi. In some cases you will have to share a taxi with total strangers, but still pay the full price.

Editor’s Note

Taxis are much more reliable than the public bus as they run so frequently. If you arrive to the port and the bus has just left, I strongly suggest taking a taxi.

Useful Tips

Make sure you hold some cash, the taxis in Santorini cannot accept credit cards
Although the distances are relatively small the island gets really busy during summer months and the journey can take up to 45 minutes
According to Greek law a taxi can carry up to of four people at a time, including children
Keep in mind that the cruise port is different than Athinios Port

How to get from Santorini Athinios port to Fira by bus

Taking a public bus from Santorini Athinios port to Fira is the cheapest but not the most reliable option. Tickets cost 2.30€ one-way, but buses only run 5 times a day during the week and twice at weekends. The journey will take around 85 minutes, which includes 60 minutes waiting time.



Trip Duration

85 minutes

There is an average waiting time of 60 minutes

Buses are available from 7:20 to 18:55 at Santorini Athinios port

How much does the bus cost from Santorini Athinios port to Fira?

An adult one-way ticket costs 2.30€ from Santorini Athinios port to Fira. Children under the age of 4 years travel for free.

Where do I get it from?

Once you step off the ferry at Santorini Athinios port, walk forward a few meters and then turn left, you will see the bus stop just in front of you.


Buses at Athinios port travel to a wide range of destinations in Santorini, and run all week long. However, as the buses only run 5 times a day and only twice on the weekend, it's not a very reliable transfer option. You may have up to a 3 hour wait with all your luggage in the Greek heat if you arrive just after a bus has left to Fira.

Editor’s Note

If you have a long wait for your bus and don't have the budget for a taxi, don't worry. There are plenty of nice cafes and little restaurants around Athinios port where you can enjoy a snack and wait in the shade.

Useful Tips

During summer, buses run more often and, apart from the most popular destinations, you can also visit other places of interest
You can find some authentic little restautants if you have to kill some time in Athinios Port
Tickets can be purchased directly for the bus driver

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get from Santorini Athinios port to Fira?

Fira is only 8.5km away from Santorini Athinios port, and so journey time isn't too long. In a taxi or car it shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes in light traffic.

How much does taxi cost from Santorini Athinios port to Fira?

Taxis at Santorini Athinios port are charged as a flat rate depending on your final destination. The fare will change depending on season, but usually costs 35€.

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