Transfer Options from Singapore Changi Airport to Sentosa

Sentosa Island is a popular destination for tourists coming to the city, and the good news is that internal transport on the island is free - you just need to get there. From the airport there are three methods of transport to Sentosa, however by taxi is the only way to get there directly. A Singapore airport taxi will take you around 22 minutes with a standard condition fare of around 15€ (S$25). If you wish to take the MRT (metro) it will cost 1.20€ (S$2), or 1.08€ (S$1.75) with an EZ-Link card and take around 45 minutes. By bus is more complicated too, as you will need to take a couple of buses to reach the station at Sentosa - costing 1.50€ (S$2.50) or 1.18€ (S$1.84) with an EZ-Link card. This journey will take around 1.5 hours. Once you reach the station, you will need to cross. This can be done via the boardwalk (15 minute walk) or via the Sentosa Express Monorail - taking 7 minutes to reach the centre of the island - which will cost 2.40€ (S$4) for the return journey and can be paid for by EZ Link Card (but there is no discount). The train runs every 3 minutes, and operates between 07:00am until 10:00pm (Mon - Thurs) and till 12:00am (Friday, Sat and Sun). Welcome Pickups offers meet and greet services and a friendly introduction to Singapore at the same price as a regular taxi. Click here to see the cost.

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Comparison of the options

Taxi €15 22min 24/7
Welcome Pickups €35 22min 24/7 Book
Metro (MRT) €2.40 60min 05:51–23:18
Bus €3 90min 06:06–22:52

How to get from Singapore Airport to Sentosa by taxi

Sentosa is best reached by taxi as they will take you the whole way across the bridge to the island, avoiding queues for the monorail or the walk across the boardwalk. The taxis in Singapore are comfortable and convenient and are operated by a variety of companies; coming in all shapes, sizes and colours. The Changi airport taxis are available from the ranks at all hours.

Taxi fare from Singapore Airport to Sentosa

The taxis in Singapore have a lot of factors that can impact the price of a journey. They are metered, however should, under normal conditions, cost around 15€ to get you to Sentosa Island.

Firstly, there is a standard airport pickup cost of 1.85€ (S$3) Monday to Friday, and 3.10€ (S$5) on weekends and public holidays.

Additional to this, Monday to Friday between 07.00am - 07.00pm there is a toll charge that will be applied for any journey to the city, and weekends and public holidays this will apply between 07:30 - 09:30am. The charges are also in effect from 01:00pm the day before major holidays (Christmas, New Year, Deepavali).

Finally, there is an extra 25% applied to any fare within peak hours of service; Monday to Friday between 06:00am - 09:30am and everyday between 06:00pm and 11:59pm. There is a 50% extra charge on taxi journeys between midnight - 06:00am daily.


Taxis are the most convenient method of transport, and is best for those who have luggage to take across to the island as other methods are not luggage friendly. It is advisable to check ahead of schedule to make sure that you don't end up getting charged a higher rate for certain days or times.

Editor’s Note

There is also a cable car that goes to Sentosa if you are more interested in the scenic route. Of course luggage is more difficult here. Ask your driver to drop you at the Mt Faber cable car station.

Useful Tips

You can always check with your driver what the cost will be for the journey before you leave.
The journey might be affected by heavy traffic if you are in peak hours - make sure you plan enough time.
You can always ask your driver for a receipt if you require a breakdown of charges for the journey.

How to get from Singapore Airport to Sentosa by metro

In order to get the MRT (metro) to Sentosa , you will need to take the line from the airport, changing at Tanah Merah station to the East West (Green) Line. You will then alight at Outram Park and take the North East (Purple) Line to Harbourfront. This journey should take you around 45 minutes from the airport.

From here, you will need to either take the Singapore Express (monorail) to the island which takes around 7 minutes, or walk the boardwalk (which is free), and takes 15 minutes.

How much is the metro from Singapore Airport to Sentosa?

Fare is collected based on the distance traveled.
Single tickets can be purchased at General Ticketing Machines near the metro, and can be used up to 6 times within 30 days. You will need to pay a 10c deposit for the card and this is taken off when you either return the card, or discounted on the last trip you take with it. These are cash only machines. A single journey will cost 1.20€ (S$2) by this method.

The metro cost is dependent on the method of payment used. It is better value to purchase the EZ-Link card, as this is a rechargeable card that can be used on multiple kinds of public transport and provides a discount on these journeys. These are available at ticket offices near the MRT terminal in the airport and is also refundable when you leave the city. The card will cost 3€ (S$5) and the rest of the top up is credit. By this method the MRT journey will cost 1.08€ (S$1.74).

Additionally, if you wish to take the Monorail (Sentosa Express), this will cost an additional 2.40€ (S$4). You can either purchase these tickets within the station or use your EZ-Link Card.



Trip Duration

60 Min.

There can be up to a 13 minute wait for the metro

Value for Money

The metro is available from 05.51am - 11.18pm (Mon-Fri) and 05.31am - 11:18pm (Sat, Sun & Holidays) and leaves every 7-9 minutes during peak hours and 12-13 outside these hours.

Where do I get it from?

The MRT is available in the basement of Terminals 2 and 3 at the airport- the signs directing you should say "train to city".

Singapore Airport has three terminal buildings. If you need to make your way between the buildings there is a variety of options available.
The most common option for transport between the buildings is the SkyTrain, which runs 05:30am - 02:30am every day and will take around 5 -7 minutes to get between the terminals. You can also walk the connections - the path is open 24/7.

There is a shuttle bus that connects terminals 2 and 3 which operates again between 05:30am - 02:30am the goes to Gate E and B.
Finally, if you need to reach/leave from Terminal 4 there is a specific shuttle bus that will go there, however you need to show your boarding pass for the terminal before you can board it. It is available from the Terminal 2 arrivals hall and operates 24 hours.


Although cheap, the metro journey is long and can be crowded in peak times heading to Harbourfront, making the journey with luggage difficult. As well as this, there will be multiple transfers to get to the station which can be frustrating after a long flight.

Editor’s Note

The station for Sentosa is connected to Vivocity Shopping Complex, which is full of restaurants and shopping stores.

Useful Tips

The monorail can have a long wait at peak hours and can be crowded.
The walk across the boardwalk is pleasant if you don't have luggage and provides great views of the harbour.
It is best to get there early if you wish to make the most of Universal Studios!

How to get from Singapore Airport to Sentosa by bus

Sentosa Island has no direct bus line, so like the MRT you will need to change your bus at Marina Bay, however the journey will take much longer. Firstly, take the bus from the airport, 36/36A, alighting at Temasek Ave - Ritz Carlton and change to the 97 bus to Vivocity. There you will find the Sentosa Express Monorail (7 minutes) and access to the boardwalk (15 minutes) to reach Sentosa.

How much is the bus from Singapore Airport to Sentosa?

The bus fare is 1.50€ (S$2.50) or 1.13€ (S$1.84) if you purchase an EZ- Link card.
The bus driver is payable for a standard ticket - have the correct amount if you purchase on the bus as the driver does not give change.

The EZ-Link card can be purchased at the ticketing offices in the arrivals area of the airport. This can also be used to pay the S$4 for the transfer across on the Sentosa Express Monorail. Alternatively, you can purchase the single transfer when you get to the station.



Trip Duration

90 Min.

There can be up to a 12 minute wait for the bus

Value for Money

The bus is available 06:08am - 10:52pm (Mon - Fri), 06:07am - 10:52pm (Sat) and 06:06am - 10:53pm (Sunday and Public Holidays) leaving between every 8 - 12 minutes (more frequent in peak hours).

Where do I get it from?

The bus is available from the basements of Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Follow the signage that reads "Bus to City" throughout the airport.

If you are in Terminal 4, you will need to catch the bus near the carpark zone labelled 4B.


The bus journey is long, and with changes can be tiresome after a flight. Additionally, the bus is not very appropriate for transferring with luggage - it would be most efficient to get a taxi for this trip.

Editor’s Note

If you decide to take the bus with luggage, it is best to do the journey earlier as you will get on the bus at the beginning of its route and it will not be as crowded.

Useful Tips

To avoid worrying about extra time waiting to buy tickets, grab an EZ-Link card before you leave the airport.
Buses run fairly regularly around the city, so if one is too full, there shouldn't be too long a wait for the next one.

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Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Singapore Airport to Sentosa?

A taxi from Singapore to Sentosa will cost approximately 15€ (S$25), however night-rates and peak-time charges can affect the rate of the meter fare.

How many transfer options are there from Singapore Airport to Sentosa?

There are three ways to get from the airport to Sentosa. Unfortunately, the only direct option is a taxi, as public transport both on bus and metro (MRT) will mean multiple line changes. Additionally, you will need to either walk across the boardwalk to the island or take the Singapore Express Monorail to reach the island from Vivocity station.

How far is Singapore Airport from Sentosa?

Singapore Airport is located around 25.3km from Sentosa Island. By taxi the journey should take around 22 minutes in normal conditions.

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