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Tour Options from Barcelona to Figueres

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How to Get from Barcelona to Figueres

Figueres is a town in northeast Catalonia, which is famous as the birthplace of the famous Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. Its name is derived from the Catalan meaning fig trees. It has a long history, particularly from the early medieval period onwards, and it was a stronghold of loyalty to the exiled Republican government during the Spanish Civil War. One of its major sights is the Dali Theatre and Museum, which was created by the artist himself and continues to house and display many of his best works. For these reasons, it is one of the most popular day trips from Barcelona. Figueres is located about 140km north of Barcelona, close to the French border. There are five tour options to visit Figueres. These include a Welcome Pickups day trip, an organised coach trip, a local train, an intercity bus or your own private car hire.



Salvador Dali Museum – Figueres

Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €480 8 Hr 24/7 Private & Customisable with an English Speaking driver
Coach €80 (per person) 11 Hr Once per day Official tour guide
Bus €40 (per person) 150 Min 5 per day Cheapest Option
Train €24 (Per Person) 110 - 170 Min 20 per day Enjoyng the view
Car Hire €170+ 100 Min All day Comfortable & Private
Licensed Tour Guides €150+ N/A All day Private Guide

Welcome Pickups Tour from Barcelona to Figueres

Head out on a day trip to Figueres from Barcelona with Welcome Pickups. Your day will begin with a pickup from your friendly, local, English-speaking driver-guide who, after a brief introduction, will take you through the avenues and highways northward to visit the town of Figueres. Along the way, your driver will give you the best insight into the local culture and history of the place. Also, you can learn some tips about the best places to visit in Figueres and after, on your return from your tour in Barcelona. Your driver will be your personal friend on the ground.

Recommended Tour Stops

  • Figueres
  • Salvador Dali Theatre and Museum

Your tour will consist of a number of recommended stops at Figueres, as well as giving you the option to include many stops along the way that you wish to visit. The overall length of the tour is 8 hours, and you are free to customise it within that time frame. The tour is available for group sizes from a single passenger, up to a group of 8 people.

How Much Will It Cost?

The starting price of this day trip, for 1-4 people is €480. A group of 5-8 people costs €580. The difference in cost reflects the size of the vehicle to accommodate the group. These costs do not include entrance fees to the Salvador Dali museum or any other attraction.

Where Do I Get It From?

Your Welcome Pickups tour is for you, and so you can be picked up from any location in the centre of Barcelona that you choose, at the time of your choice. This may be your accommodation, or it may be a local café after breakfast. Just let the driver know where and when you will be picked up when you book. Similarly, you can be dropped off wherever you choose in the centre of Barcelona.



A day trip with Welcome Pickups is designed to be the best tour right from the beginning, and with that to be as convenient as possible. Your day will begin with a pickup at your chosen place and time, in a comfortable, modern vehicle with your needs covered on-board, including Wi-Fi. Your driver is your local guide, meaning you won’t miss any information or opportunities to make the most of your trip. You are taken to all the stops that you personally wish to see, as well as getting the best recommendations for the tour and beyond. When the tour ends, you will be taken back to your chosen drop-off point to continue the rest of your great holiday.

Editor’s Note

People know Figueres for having the Dali museum and for being his birthplace, and it is therefore a popular place. But there is also so much history and culture to see there, that the best way to fully experience the trip is with a passionate local ambassador, like a Welcome Pickups driver.

Organised Coach Trip from Barcelona to Figueres

A popular day trip to the town of Figueres and the Salvador Dali museum is operated by a number of companies, offering coach tours from Barcelona. The groups are taken in large coaches and usually consist of about 50 people, including the driver and a tour guide. These tours last around 11-11.5 hours and usually also include some time at the nearby city of Girona along the way. The language availability of the majority of these tours, offered by the bigger companies, is in either English or Spanish. However it may be possible to find more specialist language tours.



Coach Tour

How Much Does It Cost?

There is some variety in pricing according to which company you book through, as well as how far in advance you book the tour, and the season. That being said, the guide price for an adult is around €80 and a reduced fee for children. Included in the ticket price are entrance fees, etc. but meals and snacks are not provided.

How Often Do They Run?

Different tour providers have their own schedules, meaning that tours run most days of the year, but will have much more limited availability on some days than others. Tours typically run only on Tuesdays and Saturdays during the winter months, but from April onwards they run every day of the week. Due to the long duration of the tour, companies only run one tour per day.


Taking an organised coach trip from Barcelona to Figueres is a convenient way to go, to see the town and visit the Salvador Dali museum. It has everything included in the package and is fairly priced. However, the trip also involves a short visit to Girona, which may or may not interest you, as well as a program for the whole group. Therefore, there is no flexibility in your visit and you will have to spend much of the day with a large group.

Editor’s Note

Both Girona and Figueres are places with a lot of character and history, so read a thing or two about them before you head off so you can have plenty to discuss with your tour guide along the way.

Public Bus from Barcelona to Figueres

Another way of traveling to Figueres is by the intercity bus service. These coaches are operated by the company Sagales and leave from Barcelona Nord bus station in the city centre. The buses arrive at the Estación de Autobuses Figueres which is located just across the Placa de l’Estacio from the train station. The Barcelona to Figueres bus runs from the morning until the late afternoon 5 times a day.



Bus Station in Spain

How Often Do the Buses Run?

There are 5 buses leaving for Figueres per day, with the first at 08:30, then 10:30, 12:30, 15:30 and lastly at 17:30. There are also 5 buses from Figueres back to Barcelona. These leave at 05:50, 07:45, 11:35, 14:35 and 17:35. The bus takes around 2 and a half hours each way.

Where Can I Find the Buses?

The bus leaves from the Estacio Nord in the centre of Barcelona, close to the Arc de Triomf. The nearest metro stations to the bus station are either the Arc de Triomf or Marina. The station is a 17-minute walk from the Placa de Catalunya.


The bus leaves from a central location and is a low-cost option. The quality of the coaches is of a good standard and it is a pleasant drive through the countryside to Figueres. On the other hand, it is a more expensive option to take than the train as there are less per day and the journey takes longer. In addition to this, there is little option for any personalisation and the amount of time you spend at Figueres is limited by the last bus back to Barcelona.

Editor’s Note

Buses tend to arrive early at the Barcelona Nord station so you will want to arrive with plenty of time before your trip to get your tickets and a good seat. Tickets can also be bought online but it is still good to arrive a bit earlier.

National RENFE Train to Figueres

Barcelona is a large Spanish city and is a hub in the region of Catalonia and beyond, with a very well developed train network to many of the towns around the region. Trains run to Figueres on a daily basis and they run throughout much of the day. There are two companies offering services there, which results in a slight variation in prices and journey length. Nonetheless, the train is still a very cost-effective option to take.



Train Station in Spain

How Much Does It Cost?

The two companies which run the trains are MD and Regional. Trains run by MD cost €16 per person each way, and those by Regional are €12 each way. Service durations vary according to the company; the high-speed train from Barcelona to Figueres takes about 1 hour 50 minutes and the Regional train either 2 hours and 10 minutes or 2 hours 50 minutes. Tickets can be purchased online or at the train station. On top of your train fare, you will have to pay entrance fees to all attractions. If you want to hire a licensed tour guide, this will incur an extra cost. 

How Often Do Trains Run?

Trains run from 6 am until 9:45 pm with at least one train an hour, usually two or three. There are also many trains running to Barcelona from Figueres, with the last one leaving at 8:46 pm. The timetable can be found online, as well as the option to purchase tickets online.


The train is a fairly low-cost and comfortable way to take a day trip to Figueres. There are many trains leaving throughout the day, giving you lots of flexibility to visit Figueres for as long as you wish and to spend as much time as you want in the town. However, as it is a train, you have limited options to visit anywhere else along the way. If you want to find out more about the place, you will also need to hire a local guide, which may come at a considerable cost.

Editor’s Note

The metro and train stations in Barcelona can be a bit confusing, particularly if you are taking them for the first time. As such, it is advisable to show up with plenty of time before your train leaves to get your tickets.

Private Car Hire from Barcelona to Figueres

Hiring your own way gives you lots of flexibility to explore the best of the Catalan countryside, small towns and the route all the way up to Figueres. Hiring a car is very popular for a day trip to the Dali museum from Barcelona and the roads in this part of Spain are fairly friendly. You can find car rental companies in the centre of the city, as well as at El-Prat Airport. To drive from Barcelona to Figueres it takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Cost of Hiring a Car

There is lots of variability in the cost of hiring a car, as it depends on the company you use, your age, if you book online, the time of year it is, which vehicle you choose, your driving history and more. That being said, we can say that there will be a baseline of about €50 for hiring a starter model car. On top of that, you will have to pay for fuel to Figueres and back, plus tolls along the way and parking when you arrive. For a return trip, you will probably pay €120+. There is also often a large deposit charge when hiring a car, which can be upwards of €200. You will need to pay for the entrance fee to all attractions. Also, you may also want to hire a licensed tour guide to take you around Figueres. 


Hiring a car in Barcelona is fairly easy to do and there are lots of outlets to pick your car up from. This option gives you lots of flexibility, as you are the one in control of when you leave and how long you spend there. You can also choose if you wish to stop off at anywhere else along the way. However, if you are not used to driving in big cities it may be a bit stressful getting into and out of Barcelona and around Figueres until you get the hang of it.

Editor’s Note

The nearby area has many points of interest, such as the Castle de Sant Ferran, which are worth visiting.

Licensed Tour Guides in Figueres

There are a number of state-licensed tour guides that operate in Catalonia and are able to offer tours of the Dali Museum and Figueres for a number of hours of the day. Some of the options discussed in this article provide transport only and are therefore not complete day tours. If you hire a tour guide for your time in Figueres, you could add context to the experience. Tours typically last around 4 hours and begin from €150 per group. There are a number of online platforms that you can find licensed tour guides. Some guides offer tours in particular languages, which may be useful for specialist groups.


Editor’s Note

A licensed tour guide can be combined with the majority of the aforementioned options. However, it might be difficult to find one on the same day of the day trip.

Frequently asked questions

How far is the Dali Museum from Barcelona?

The distance from Barcelona to Dali Museum in Figueres is approximately 147 kilometres and it will take around 100 minutes to get there by car.

How do I get from Barcelona to Figueres?

You can get from Barcelona to Figueres with a Welcome Pickups day tour, a national train, an organised coach tour, an intercity public bus or your own rented car.

How much does it cost to go to the Dali Museum?

The entrance fee for the Dali Museum is €15 for an adult and free for a child (0-8 years old). The opening hours of the Salvador Dali museum depend on the period of visiting.

How long is the train ride from Barcelona to Figueres?

There are a number of different train services which take slightly different times. However, it typically takes around 2 hours by train from Barcelona to Figueres.

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