The Most Beautiful Bridges in Saint Petersburg

The Must-See Bridges in Saint Petersburg

With its impressive collection of grand rivers, picturesque canals and intricate waterways, its no wonder that Saint Petersburg has some of the most impressive bridges in the world. Whether you’re interested in intricate architecture, Russian history or beautiful views, Saint Petersburg has a beautiful bridge for you. From grand drawbridges over Neva River and record-breaking colorful bridges over Moyka, to captivatingly designed bridges with stunning views over Fontanka River, here are the must see beautiful bridges in Saint Petersburg.

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Palace Bridge

This impressive wrought iron bridge was the first pontoon bridge connecting Admiralteyskiy and Vasilievsky right in front of the beautiful Winter Palace. Originally built in 1916, Palace bridge was then moved in 1897 to its current, much more functional location over the Neva River. This grand structure is technically the most perfectly designed in Saint Petersburg, with its unique mechanisms, colossal cogs and huge engines. During the day, this dominant bridge looks as though it’s floating, and in the night, it comes alive with twinkling colorful lights that reflect on the water below. During festivals, Palace Bridge also opens to two gigantic screens for films to be projected on. Palace Bridge is definitely one of the most impressive bridges in Saint Petersburg.

Anichkov Bridge

This wide, arched bridge was the very first, and now most famous bridge to cross the Fontanka River. Although the structure of Anichkov Bridge is very simple, its decorations are spectacular. This bridge has some of the finest and most intricate ironwork found anywhere in the city and four infamous granite horse statues. Due to its beauty, this bridge is mentioned in the world of great men such as Dostoevsky, Gogol and even Pushkin. Anichkov Bridge was originally built in 1842, but needed reconstruction in 1908 after an artillery attack on the city. You can still see some of the marks from the German artillery shell fragments on the large pedestals holding up the iconic horses. without a shadow of a doubt, Anichkov Bridge is one of the most beautiful must see bridges in Saint Petersburg.

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Bankovsky Bridge

One of only three remaining suspended pedestrian bridges in Saint Petersburg, Bankovsky Bridge is now one of the most popular tourist points in the city. Created by the famous sculptor, P.Sokolov, the decoration elements of Bankovsky Bridge are nothing short of magical. Four large griffins lavished with chains hold up the intricate lighting structure, and picturesque iron railings run along either side. Not only does this bridge have some of the most stunning and memorable decorations, but it also has some of the best views in Saint Petersburg. Standing in the middle of Bankovsky Bridge, you can see the impressive Kazan Cathedral, Nevsky Prospect, the historical Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and the ornate Singer House.

For a bridge with a spark of magic, Bankovsky is definitely one of the must see bridges in Saint Petersburg.

Blue Bridge

The famous River Moyka used to be known for its ‘bridges of color’. The unusually colorful simple-span bridges were a pet project of W.Hastie, and he built them in green, yellow, red and blue. Unfortunately, now only the Blue and Red Bridges remain. Built in 1818, this unique wooden bridge was widely celebrated in Saint Petersburg. However, in 1884, the Blue Bridge was drastically widened to match the width of the new Isaakiyevskaya square and is now the widest bridge in the world compared to its length. Due to its unusual span, many tourists don’t even know they are walking across it, and it has become known as the ‘Invisible bridge’.

The true magic of the Blue Bridge comes from water level. Take a boat ride along the Moyka and pass under this majestic bridge to see it in all its glory. This is definitely one of the most unusual bridges in Saint Petersburg.

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