How to Spend your Long Weekend in Berlin

Must See Places in Berlin

You’ve done it, you’ve booked your long weekend in one of the most historical cities in Europe, Berlin. Welcome to the city that brims with life, where young and hip people hold the reins and you can open up and be truly yourself in this most liberal of European cities. Furthermore, can easily find whatever you are searching for here, as Berlin has such a broad diversity of things to offer. Put aside any preconceptions about Germany’s capital and its people- it’s not simply the grey, concrete jungle with industrious and orderly, upper-class Germans you might imagine. Instead, it is home to a huge artistic and creative scene, attracting people from around the globe, resulting in a cosmopolitan hub within a complex historical setting, that the inhabitants have renovated to suit the modern mood of the city. Read on to make sure you don’t miss any of the must-see places and top sites in Berlin during your long weekend in this enchanting city.

Day 1

Brunching, Canal Walking and the Berlin Wall

Ease yourself into your long weekend in Berlin with a traditional late brunch, just like the Berliners do. There are many fantastic cafes with delicious treats and views to match along the picturesque Landwehr and Neuköllner Schifffahrtskanal canals. After you’ve filled your bellies and soaked up the magnificent views, take a refreshing stroll along the canal. You will come across many local gems, including quaint bars, artisanal shops and stalls, traditional restaurants, and in summer, an impressive floating bar over on the Flutgraben channel.

Berlin cathedral, city centre

Once you’ve finished, you can head to the Oberbaumbrücke bridge, the most famous and picturesque bridges in all of Berlin. This is the perfect spot to get those once in a lifetime holiday snaps to send back home to friends and family. From the top of the bridge, you are rewarded with stunning views of Berlin. On one side, you can gaze out upon the vibrant Alexanderplatz, and on the other side, you can see the infamous Molecule Men statue, standing proud above the Spree river.

berlin things to do over long weekend

A few more steps from the Oberbaumbrücke bridge, you’ll find the impressive East Side Gallery stretching out before you. This is the longest connected piece of the Berlin wall left standing and is filled with many amazing different artworks. Gaze upon the amazing painting of the ‘brotherly kiss’ between Honecker and Brezhnev, and soak up some of the city’s history.

Berlin wall

Day 2

TV Tower, Cathedrals and Museum Island

Dive into the culture on the second day of your long weekend in Berlin with a trip to the largest square in Germany, Alexanderplatz. This lively square is positively writhing with infectious energy and is not only home to some of the most beautiful 1970s architecture in the city, but it’s also home to the iconic TV Tower. The views from the top of the tower are unparalleled. You can sit and enjoy a delicious breakfast while you gaze out upon the phenomenal views from the rotating restaurant sphere.


After having your fill of both the amazing dishes and fantastic views, head west, past the famous Red Town Hall, and to Berlin’s oldest district, Nikolaiviertel. Here you can find the postcard-perfect neighborhood that surrounds the equally quaint St. Nicholas’ Church and one of the most famous landmarks in the city, Berlin Cathedral. With its impressive dome and stunning architecture, this is definitely a site you don’t want to miss during your long weekend in Berlin.

Berlin Cathedral

Spend your afternoon soaking up the rich history of Berlin at the Museum Island. This majestic ensemble of art and history consists of five museums, all on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Be sure to spend a little time in each and every one of the impressive museums, The Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Bode Museum, Pergamon Museum, and Alte Nationalgalerie are stops not to be missed while in Berlin for a long weekend.

Berlin Museum Island

Day 3

City squares, Holocaust Memorial and the Brandenburg Gate

Before you leave the enchanting city of Berlin, spend your day exploring some of the most famous landmarks the city has to offer. Start your morning in the prettiest square in Berlin, the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt. Here you can enjoy the impressive sights of the concert house, both the German and French cathedrals, and enjoy a traditional breakfast with coffee in one of the many little cafes. Next, head to the west of the square and follow the Behrenstraße, past the extravagant Komische Oper, and towards one of the most famous sites in Germany, the Holocaust Memorial. You can walk through the 2,711 concrete pillars and take in the sobering and contemplating atmosphere there.

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Your next stop is just a few meters away from the Holocaust Memorial, down Ebertstraße. As you walk down the street, you’ll see the Brandenburg Gate, the most famous landmark in Berlin rising up before you. After the fall of the Berlin wall, this magnificent city gate became a symbol of unity throughout Germany. Here you can take your time to stroll around the Pariser Platz, before heading to the final highlight in Berlin, the Reichstag. This beautiful building is one of the city’s most significant historical sites and the seat of the Deutscher Bundestag (German parliament). If you have time, you can book a guided tour through the dome, before heading back home.

what to see in berlin over long weekend

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