Five Exceptional Spots in the UK You Can’t Miss

When the UK comes to mind, most think of London and its iconic Buckingham Palace, Camden Town, Soho and the river Thames. But the UK has so much more to offer. Packed with incredible cultural diversity, wondrous castles, breathtaking coastal towns, and various dialects. So when it comes to top travel destinations, the UK is never far behind. 

We will let you in on five exceptional spots in and around the UK you cannot miss.

1. Arcelormittal Orbit Slide

For those who have never heard about the world’s longest and highest slide, you are in for a treat. Measuring 76 metres, the Orbit slide is the world’s tallest tunnel slide; its 178 metres length makes it also the longest! Originally built to commemorate London’s 2021 Olympic Games, it is an iconic symbol of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The glorious, ruby red looping structure packs thrilling twists and turns for an enjoyable day with friends or family.

2. Fingal’s Cave

Fingal’s Cave is one of Scotland’s many wonders. Known to be the most famous sea cave on the basalt southwest coast of Staffa, it is hidden away on the island of the Inner Hebrides in western Scotland. What makes the cave so unique is its hexagonal basalt columns made up of six-sided pillars, which stand 22 metres high and 82 metres deep. The cave’s broken columns provide a rudimentary bridge standing barely above water, allowing tourists to explore the incredible cave. Its incredible beauty even inspired Pink Floyd, so much so that they named one of their early songs after the cave.

3.  Tower of London

It is no surprise that the Tower of London is on our list as it is one of the most significant sites in British history. Located on the Thames River, the majestic tower was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. The iconic London landmark held many roles that many don’t know about throughout its lifetime. The tower was used as a royal palace, a zoo and played a crucial part in defending the city over the millennia. Today, the tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see for any London visitors.

4. Oxford’s Bodleian Library

Bodleian Library is one of the UK’s grandest and most beautiful libraries. Known to be the primary research library of the University of Oxford and is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. It emanates its name from its founder, Sir Thomas Bodley, and holds over 13 million printed items, making it the second-largest library in Britain after the British Library. And fun fact, if you’re a diehard Potterhead, you will know that many scenes were filmed in the iconic location, such as when Harry Potter walks around the Hogwarts library in his invisibility cloak.

5. Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands is home to the world-famous Loch Ness monster, or as some call it, Nessie. The Highlands is a wondrous escape from the city life, made up of stunning green hills, breathtaking scenery and the Loch Ness lake, which overlooks the ruins of medieval Urquhart Castle. Located in the Northeast of Scotland, near the city of Inverness, many don’t know that you can even go dolphin spotting in the Moray Firth. And don’t forget the famous Braemar Gathering in September, where the Scots gather in their kilts and caber toss during the Highland Games. 


The sovereign state holds the most magical spots, consisting of four nations – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Whether it be iconic historical landmarks, beautiful green lands, or fun attractions, the United Kingdom has so much to offer. So why not change up your usual London visit for a tour in the countryside, and check out these unique spots you really can’t miss out on.

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