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How to Get from Lisbon to Tomar

Tomar is a medieval town with a very long history, located in one of the most fertile regions of the whole of Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula. It is surrounded by a sweeping agricultural landscape of olive, pine and fig trees and the nearby route of the Nabao river making it a very popular day trip from Lisbon. The town of today was constructed as a Knight’s Templar settlement, with many monuments from that time still there today. It is located 135km northeast of Lisbon and is close to the Atlantic coast. There are five ways to get to Tomar from Lisbon: A Welcome Pickups exclusive day trip, an organised group tour, a national train, an intercity bus or your own hired car.



Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €310 7 Hr 24/7 Private & Customisable with an English Speaking driver
Coach Tour €80 (per person) 9 Hr Daily Tour Guide Included
Train €20.3 (per person) 2 Hr 4 Min All Day Cheap option
City Bus €17 (per person) 1 Hr 45 Min One per Day Comfortable
Car Hire €80+ 1 Hr 30 Min 24/7 Private

Welcome Pickups Tour to Tomar from Lisbon

Discover the beauty of this authentic Portuguese town with an exclusive day trip from Lisbon to Tomar with Welcome Pickups. Your day will begin with a pickup from your chosen location in Lisbon, and after a brief introduction from your friendly, English-speaking private driver, you will be on your way to Tomar. You will be transported in a luxury, modern vehicle with all the amenities you need on-board, including Wi-Fi. Your driver-guide will be your friend on the ground, giving you lots of information and tips about where you are passing and where you might like to stop off for some excellent photo opportunities. Your tour comes with a number of recommended stops.

Recommended Tour Stops

  • Tomar Old Town
  • Tomar Church of Santa Maria do Olival
  • Synagogue of Tomar
  • Convent of Christ
  • The Castle of Almourol
  • Obidos Village

 Of course, this tour to Tomar is your own and is entirely customizable. This means that you can skip any of the recommended stops, as well as add in wherever else you want to visit within the overall tour duration. This day trip lasts 7 hours overall and is available for groups of 1-8 people.

How Much Will It Cost?

The cost for this private day tour is €310 for a group of 1-4 people. A larger group of 5-8 people will cost €390.

Where Do I Get Picked Up from?

A day trip from Lisbon to Tomar with Welcome Pickups is your own private tour and so you will be picked up from the place you choose. This may be your hotel or other accommodation, but it could also be a local café, restaurant of place of interest. Wherever it is, let us know where and when you would like to begin your tour from. Similarly, when you book you can select where to be dropped off at the end of the Tomar tour.


Everything about a Welcome Pickups tour to Tomar is designed to be as convenient as possible. Starting with the pickup at your own location and time of your choosing, you will ride in a comfortable, luxury vehicle for just your group. Your driver is also your local, knowledgeable guide, being able to give those special insights that come from living in Portugal. Your tour is organised with recommended stops, but also flexible to change to meet your needs, so you can see exactly what you want. When you have finished, you will be dropped off where you like in Lisbon. This may be at your accommodation to rest or another site of interest to continue the adventure.

Editor’s Note

Welcome Pickups drivers are hand selected to be the best, English-speaking local driver-guides. They are professional and passionate ambassadors of their country, so don’t be shy to learn the most from them and try out new things on your day trip.

Organised Coach Tour from Lisbon to Tomar

A popular way for groups from Lisbon to visit Tomar is to take an organised group tour. There are a number of companies offering these tours, with many of them also including other nearby towns and sights. They are accompanied by local guides and are often available in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Tours often depart in smaller groups, driven in a minivan. The duration is usually 8 or 9 hours, with tours beginning at around 09:00.



Coach at Tomar

How Much Does It Cost?

The general price for an organised bus tour to Tomar starts from around €80 per person. Tours which also include extras, such as longer duration or included meals may cost more. Prices may also increase close to the time of the tour, particularly in high season.

How Often Do They Leave?

Tours operate throughout the year on a daily basis. There may be some specific days of the year, such as Christmas, which they don’t run. As they are day trips, they begin in the morning.


Group tours come with everything included, such as your entrance tickets to the attractions, a tour guide and a pre-arranged schedule. They also do a round of the centre of Lisbon accommodations and hotels for pickup, and have a limited group size. However, having a group of fellow tourists with you may restrain your access to the guide and your ability to see exactly what you want, for as long as you want. Also, you must follow the schedule, meaning there is little flexibility to visit elsewhere.

Editor’s Note

As these groups are smaller it is important to book your spaces for your whole group in advance. This is especially important if you have certain language limitations.

National Train from Lisbon to Tomar

The national train service in Portugal is well organised and a common way to explore the country. Lisbon is the natural hub of this service, with many central train stations to the peripheral towns and cities of the country. The train is a very cost-effective way to get from Lisbon to Tomar. The national operator is known as the Comboios de Portugal and the train line to Tomar is either Regional (direct train) or Intercidades & Regional (1 change at Entroncamento). The journey time for direct trains is approximately 2 hours, with an extra 20 minutes for the trains with a change.

How Much Does It Cost?

A direct train costs €10.15 per person each way, meaning that it will cost €20.30 for a round trip. If you take a train that requires a change you will have to pay an extra €4 per ticket. Tickets can be purchased at the train station or online. This option is just a transport choice, so you will also have to pay for entrance to any attractions. You may also wish to hire a licensed tour guide in the Tomar area. 

How Often Do Buses Leave?

The trains leave throughout the day, with at least one train leaving every hour. Trains returning leave from Tomar to Lisbon one per hour until 22:11. Some of these trains leaving are ones that require a change, which may take longer. See the Comboios de Portugal website for more information.


Trains run throughout the day from a fairly central location and are a cost-effective way to travel to Tomar. It is therefore an accessible trip all day. The drawbacks are that many of the trains require a stop-off elsewhere and take over half an hour more than driving takes. This transport method to Tomar also limits what you can see to within the town itself, as well as not including an extra guide.

Editor’s Note

A number of the trains that require a change result in you changing to the direct train anyway, so it is generally only worth catching a direct train. Check the schedule and arrive at the train station in advance to make sure you have all the tickets you need and a full day in Tomar.

Rede Expresso Intercity Bus from Lisbon to Tomar

The Rede Expresso buses leave from the centre of Lisbon and offer an even cheaper way to travel to Tomar than the train. They are also slightly quicker, taking approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes to arrive. There are only a few buses running both there and back to Lisbon.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a single ticket one way is €8.50, meaning that a round trip will be as cheap as €17.00 per person. You can purchase your tickets online at the Rede Expresso website or from the bus station.

How Often Do the Trains Leave?

There are only 4 direct buses to Tomar and back, and 1 extra bus each way that also has a change. Unfortunately, there is only one bus that is worth taking there and one back if you plan to make a day trip of it, as the others run too late. This is the 07:00 from Lisbon and the 16:45 back from Tomar. See the website for the exact schedule on the day you wish to depart


The bus is the cheapest option and it takes less time than the train. It is also the most restrictive option as it leaves very infrequently, with only 1 bus per day to Tomar and back that are worth catching for a day trip. This also constrains the length of time you can enjoy the city.

Editor’s Note

Make sure you book your seats on the bus ahead of time if you choose this option at all. You don’t want to miss a seat on the only useful bus of the day at 7am.

Private Car Hire from Lisbon to Tomar

A private car hire can be a great way to explore the rest of Portugal and enjoy an excursion from the city. You can drive from Lisbon to Tomar in around an hour and a half, north-eastwards on the E1 highway. Along the way you will pass a number of small towns and villages in the Portuguese countryside and you can visit wherever you like for as long as you want. Renting a car in Lisbon is easy and there are all the major rental brands such as Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Sixt and Realcar.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial cost of renting a car can be fairly low-priced. There are factors that influence the cost, such as the vehicle, the company you choose and the time of year you hire it in. You can pay as low as €30 per day. On top of this you will have to pay fuel and any tolls along the way, making the overall trip cost €80+. You will also have to pay a deposit for the car, which may be upwards of €100. As this is just your vehicle, you will need to pay entrance fees to any attractions and you may wish to hire a licensed tour guide in Tomar.

What Documents Do I Need?

If you are an EU driver, you will need your driving licence and EU identity card or passport. If you are driving from outside the EU, you will also need the relevant driving permit, as well as your visa documents and passport. You must be over 21 to hire a car and have held your licence for at least 2 years.


Hiring a car is a straightforward process in a modern European capital such as Lisbon. Driving in Portugal is safe and the signage is clear, although it may take some time getting used to the traffic in Lisbon. Once you are on your way to Tomar the driving should be very easy and pleasant. Having your own car gives you the flexibility to visit Tomar and the surrounding area for as long as you like. On the other hand, this also means that you have to do all the research yourself for visiting Tomar, what to see and where to go. You will also not have the background knowledge of a tour guide unless you hire one.

Editor’s Note

There are lots of other excellent villages, towns and a natural park surrounding Tomar, so look beyond the town if you have your own car, to explore further.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a train from Lisbon to Tomar?

There is a train from Lisbon to Tomar, which leaves from Lisboa Santa Apolónia in the centre of Lisbon and takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to reach to Tomar.

How do I get from Lisbon to Tomar?

There are five ways to get from Lisbon to Tomar: A Welcome Pickups private day trip, an organised group tour, a regional train, the rede expresso bus or your own privately hired car.

What is the fastest way to go from Lisbon to Tomar?

The quickest way to get from Lisbon to Tomar is to get a taxi which has a cost of 90€ - 110€ and takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What is the cheapest way to get to Tomar from Lisbon?

The cheapest way to get from Lisbon to Tomar is to train which costs 9€ - 13€ and takes about 2 hours and 5 minutes.

How do I get from Lisbon to Obidos?

You can get to Obidos from Lisbon with a Green Express bus, having your own hired car, or part of a private day trip to Tomar from Welcome Pickups.

Is Tomar Portugal worth visiting?

Absolutely! Tomar is a historic medieval city that still maintains much of its old world charm. There are many things to see and do and the local cuisine is excellent.

How far is Lisbon from Tomar?

Tomar is approximately 135km northeast of Lisbon and it takes an hour and a half to drive there by car.

How far is Tomar from Porto?

Tomar is located 200km south of Porto.

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