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Tour Options from Madrid to Toledo

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How to Get from Madrid to Toledo

Toledo is considered an outstanding museum city that perfectly blends history with art. A Unesco World Heritage Site, this city exhibits relics of the different cultures that resided in the region; Christians, Muslims, and Jews. The city is also synonymous with the influential painter, El Greco. There are six ways that you can get a day trip to Toledo from Madrid.





These include a Welcome Pickups tour, a local taxi transfer, a private bus tour, the local RENFE train, an express bus or your own car rental. 

Comparison of the options

Welcome Pickups €290 6 Hr 24/7 Private & Customisable with a Local English Speaking driver
Local Taxi 100-120€ 51 Min 24/7 Private Ride
Train €13,90 (one way) 33 Min Hourly Cheap Option
Coach Tour 30-90€ (per person) 9 Hr Every Day Tour Guide Included
Car Hire from 40€ 51 Min 24/7 Private
Bus 10€ (one way) 1 Hr Hourly Cheapest Option

Welcome Pickups Tour to Toledo from Madrid

Take a day tour to Toledo from Madrid with Welcome and your own English-speaking, professional taxi driver and discover the beauty of the Spanish countryside. Start your day by being picked up at your chosen pick up point in a new, comfortable car. Greet your friendly driver before heading off on your own 73km tour. The private day tour to Toledo is comprised of six recommended location stops, along with the many personal stops you can choose for photograph opportunities or to satisfy your own curiosity. Your driver is knowledgeable about the area and will teach you about the history and modern culture along the way. Of course, this is fully customizable, meaning that you are free to choose how much time you want to spend at each location and make extra stops, just let your driver know at the beginning.  



Toledo Tour 2020 – Welcome Pickups

Recommended Tour Stops

  • Toledo Cathedral
  • Alcazar of Toledo
  • Toledo Old Town
  • Mirador de Valle
  • San Martin’s Bridge

The total tour time will be 6 hours and you can arrange to do what you want within that time frame. It is available every day of the week, beginning at the time of your choosing. The tour can accommodate from 1 to 8 people. Please note that whilst your driver is a knowledgeable and friendly local, he is not a licensed tour guide to accompany you within the sights. He has been provided though with extended information about the sights. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The complete package for a Sedan costs €290 from 1 to 4 people and €360 for a minivan, which can accommodate from 5 to 8 people. However, these prices don’t include the local entrance fees to historical sites. Booking your tour is extremely simple. You can do so on the website, by submitting your details and your desired pickup time.

Where Do I Get It From?

Your Welcome driver can pick you up from wherever you choose, Welcome is a door-to-door service! Just let them know in advance when and where you would like to be picked up, and after an initial friendly introduction, you and your driver can be on your way. When you return your driver will leave you wherever you choose in the city centre or back to your hotel. 


Everything is fully arranged with Welcome to bring you the highest level of convenience from start to end. Your transport is door-to-door, your driver is your tour guide, your ride is comfortable and has everything you need, including wifi. You can be sure right from the beginning that with Welcome you are getting the best of everything and can leave any concern back home.

Editor’s Note

Welcome Pickups drivers are hand selected to be the best, English-speaking local driver-guides. They are professional and passionate ambassadors of their country, so don’t be shy to learn the most from them and try out new things on your day trip.

Local Taxi from Madrid to Toledo

Throughout Madrid, there is a network of over 15,600 taxis that are very easy to find and hail down by only raising your hand. Taxis in Madrid are white with a diagonal red band on their front door bearing the emblem of the city. They have a green light that is on when they are free.  Taxis operate 24/7, so you could take one whenever you choose. There are several taxi ranks around the city, indicated by a blue sign with a white letter ‘T’. Taxis must be taken from the corresponding ranks at railway and bus stations and at the airport. Throughout the rest of the city, they can be easily stopped on the street. This is an option that can get you from Madrid to Toledo. 



Local Taxi – Madrid

How Much Will a Taxi Cost?

The fare is based on a price per kilometer and a price per hour, which is applied alternately depending on the speed of traffic. Zone A encompasses the city of Madrid; Zone B covers all surrounding municipal areas. The initial cost of the taxi is €2.40 Monday to Friday from 6 am to 9 pm and €2.90 during the Weekends and at night. Then the price per kilometer is €1.05 for Zone A and €1.20 for Zone B. Journey time with a taxi from Madrid to Toledo will likely be about 1 hour and 72km, so the cost is estimated around €104. This cost is subject to change, due to traffic, time of the day and even depending on the day of the year.

Where Can I Get a Taxi From?

A taxi can be hailed on the streets or found at one of the taxi ranks or collections points around the centre of the city. There are various private taxi companies you can ring to order a taxi, although you need to bear in mind that the metre will be turned on as soon as the driver starts heading towards your location. There are also mobile apps available, however, that will only start charging you once you get into the taxi.


If you are planning to get a day trip to Toledo with a taxi from the center of Madrid it will be a convenient way to get there. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be so easy on the return journey back to Madrid from Toledo, and so may cause unnecessary stress. Alternatively, hiring a pre-arranged taxi can be very expensive and needs extra negotiation. 

Editor’s Note

Although taxis are the most convenient and quickest mode of transportation, they are also rather costly. If you are on a tight budget, you may wish to try a different transfer option. Bear in mind that taxis in Madrid are not legally allowed to charge for excess luggage and be sure that your driver resets the taximeter before you start your journey.

Local AVE Renfe train from Madrid to Toledo

Renfe Operadora (RENFE) is Spain’s state-owned major railway operator having a modern and extensive railway system. Renfe runs Spain’s high-speed AVEs and other mainline trains, as well as local and suburban trains nationwide. An AVE train takes travelers directly to Toledo in a 33-minute journey. The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays. Taking the train to Toledo is a relatively cheap option that can work if you want an inexpensive choice. 



Atocha Train Station – Madrid

How Often to they Run?

The first train leaving Madrid to Toledo is at 06:50, the last at 21:50 with around 15 trains on weekdays and fewer on weekends. Train times are subject to change, so check the latest train times at Rail Europe before you depart for the day.

Where Do I Get It From?

The high-speed train from Madrid to Toledo departs from Atocha, Madrid’s main train station. Atocha is located 1.9km away from the city center and the nearest metro station is Atocha – Renfe. If your accommodation is near the city centre, there are three ways to get to  the railway station. First of all, you can take line 1 of the metro or the 32 bus from the station that suits you best. The ticket costs €1-3 depending on the zones it covers. You can also call a taxi that costs around €6-8 depending on the traffic. 


Taking a trip to Toledo by train is a rather pleasant and comfortable experience since you have the chance to admire beautiful views of the city of Madrid and its surroundings. In addition, AVE trains offer modern amenities and care-free journeys. However, this is a good option only if you are staying close to the train station. Otherwise, you will have to use other means of transportation to get to the station.

Editor’s Note

Except for the tickets you should take into consideration the additional costs that occur in order to reach the train station in Madrid. In addition, at Toledo you can take a bus up to the centre at Plaza Zocodover, a taxi, or just walk. Taxi fare is about 6€, a mere 10 mins taxi ride. You can take public bus service too which can be seen at the train station. There is a hop-on city tour service there as well at 18.50€.

Organised Group Coach Trip from Madrid to Toledo

There are many organized group tours from a central point in Madrid to Toledo. With this option, your chosen company will arrange a coach to transport you and other passengers on the private tour to Toledo. Most of these tours have an included tour guide, providing information about the various locations along the way. Some also include stop-offs at various locations of interest in Toledo. The tour will take around 1 hour each way, with a 9-hour total time. Leaving is usually around 09:00 and you will return by 18:30.



Coach Tour

How Much Does It Cost?

Tickets usually cost between €30-€90 per adult and reduced prices for children. Many Toledo tours also have an option for included entrance fees to some of the attractions and lunch at an extra price per person. 

How Often Do They Run?

There are usually daily tours or every other day depending on the provider and the number of participants. Booking can be found online from the websites of the various coach tour providers.


Tour buses can often pick you up at your hotel and take you to Toledo and include a licensed tour guide for while you are there. You will be provided with most of what you need for the trip included in the tour. You will also need to depart and follow the tour’s schedule, meaning there is no flexibility to personalize the tour. 

Editor’s Note

Coach tours are very popular, particularly for people in large groups or looking for specialised language tours. Book with plenty of time in advance to make sure you can get enough tickets for your whole group.

Private Car Hire from Madrid to Toledo

Car hire is another option for you to be able to take a day tour to Toledo from Madrid. This can be an exciting way for you to journey by yourself to Toledo and you will have the ultimate flexibility of choosing your own route, stops, and timing. You will want to make sure this trip is well planned since you are in a foreign country and not used to the roads. The journey time in a private car is 55 minutes. You will need to book your car before arriving because car hire companies can be booked out a month in advance, particularly in the summer season. 

How much does it cost?

This can be relatively cheap, depending on when you book, which model you choose, your age and if you pay online or at the pick up point. Starting from €35-40 per day, this can easily rise to €100 per day. However, rental companies will also require a deposit on the car, which may begin from €200 but could be as much as €3000, depending on the model. You will also need to pay for petrol, which will cost around €10 each way and no tolls if you choose the toll-free route. 


This can be a cheap option, easy to access and has the full flexibility of your own decision making regarding leaving time, amount of time spent on the total trip, routes, etc. However, it will require planning, organisation and booking in advance, particularly in higher season. You will also need to take on the responsibility for getting to Toledo yourself, which may not always be so straight forward. Furthermore, it can be stressful driving in Spain if you’re not used to it, particularly when leaving Madrid. 

Editor’s Note

More than three million cars travel on the streets of Madrid every day, meaning that Madrid has some of the heaviest traffic in Europe. So driving around the Spanish capital can be a stressful and chaotic experience. That is why you should be very careful and avoid rush hours (7-9 in the morning and after 6 in the afternoon). Also finding a parking spot in Toledo will be hard especially at high season during the summer.

Bus Transportation from Madrid to Toledo

The route connecting Madrid and Toledo is served by five bus companies. The most popular ones are Grupo Samar and ALSA which are relatively cheap. They run rather frequently and reach Toledo after approximately 1 hour. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Ticket prices for an trip to Toledo range from 5 to 10 one way depending on the type of seating and the additional services that you might choose. For example, there is an extra fee if you are carrying a pet or sports equipment. In order to book your tickets, you can visit the companies’ website and be informed for any clarifications. Alternatively, you can purchase them at the companies’ ticket offices that can be found in the central bus station or from ticket machines as well.

How Often Do They Run?

The buses of both companies run hourly to Toledo. However, the schedule is subjected to change during weekends and holidays. That is why it is advisable to check the company’s website before planning your trip. 


It is the cheapest option per person. However, the downside is that travellers need to use other means of transportation in order to arrive at the pickup locations. That can be translated into extra trouble for the traveller who will have to spend more time and energy so as to find the appropriate line that will take them to the one of the aforementioned transportation hubs. This will not only add anxiety to the trip as you will have to be very strict with your schedule, but also an additional cost for the extra tickets. 

Editor’s Note

At Toledo you can take a bus up to the centre at Plaza Zocodover, a taxi, or just walk. Taxi fare is about 6€, a mere 10 mins taxi ride. You can take public bus service too which can be seen at the train station. There is a hop-on city tour service there as well at 18.50€.

Frequently asked questions

What is the fastest way to get from Madrid to Toledo?

The fastest way to get from Madrid to Toledo is by train since it takes about 33 minutes. You can also travel to Toledo from Madrid by car, public bus or get a coach tour.

Is there a direct bus between Madrid and Toledo?

There are several bus companies starting from Madrid operating this route without any stops and departure hourly. The most famous one is Grupo Samar.

How can I get from Madrid to Toledo?

There are 5 ways that you can reach Toledo from the centre of Madrid. These include a Welcome Pickups tour, a local taxi transfer, an organised bus tour, the local RENFE train or an express bus or your own car hire.

How long does it take to get from Madrid to Toledo?

The distance between Madrid and Toledo is 72km. It will take approximately an hour to get there by car.

Can I drive from Madrid to Toledo?

Yes, you can drive from Madrid to Toledo. You will need to have the correct licensing, insurance and paperwork, such as an international driver’s permit if coming from outside the EU.

How far is Toledo from Madrid airport?

The distance between Toledo and Madrid Airport (MAD) is 79 km. The road distance is 90.1 km and it takes about an hour driving by car.

How many days do you need in Toledo?

Most people visit Toledo as a day trip from Madrid. Ideally, you should try and spend 2 full days and at least 2 nights in Toledo.

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