Welcome Pickups partners with Direct Ferries

A captain’s salute to our newest travel partner Direct Ferries who have partnered with us to offer their customers the most memorable arrival experience!

Operating as a multi-platform service, Direct Ferries offers travellers a fast and easy way to compare and book ferry crossings to any port in Europe and Africa, as well as many others across the globe, all while providing the widest choice of tickets with all major ferry companies. 

Founded in 1999, Direct Ferries are present in numerous markets with a product that is localised for ferry travellers in 24 countries worldwide, including ones in Europe and Asia. 

Apart from having the most comprehensive portfolio in the ferry transportation sector, Direct Ferries also offers a range of ancillary products from carefully selected partners including accommodation, train tickets, and vehicle breakdown cover. We proudly join forces with them to expand those services to ground transportation for travellers.

What can Direct Ferries customers expect? 

A few days before their ferry trip, Direct Ferries customers will receive an email informing them of the Welcome Pickups service and directing them to the Direct Ferries transfer page which they can book through.

“At Direct Ferries, we’re focused on offering the best ferry travel experience possible. By partnering with Welcome Pickups, we can provide our customers the choice to pre-book a transfer to or from the port in destinations like Greece and many more, offering them a stress-free and comfortable journey.”

Ido Schiferli | Head of Partnerships, Direct Ferries

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What does this mean for Direct Ferries? 

Transfers are one of the most highly upsold services in the travel industry, and Welcome is the global leader in ground transportation for travellers, operating in 32 countries and 65 destinations worldwide. With our solution, Direct Ferries’ customers can easily book 5-star rated transfers to and from the port, through the Direct Ferries transfer page.

Direct Ferries can enjoy a fully automated and reliable end-to-end service that is super quick and easy to set up and is 100% free (as it is for all travel partners), while at the same time increasing their revenue thanks to the healthy commission we offer our partners. 


To find out more about how Welcome can help improve customer experience while also  increasing your company’s revenue, and to see what our partners are saying about us, have a look at our Affiliate Programme!


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