How Welcome Pickups Helped numa Expand its Guest Services Whilst Maintaining Optimal Efficiency

Welcome Pickups is thrilled to introduce one of our latest partners, numa, and is excited to show you how the company maintained its operational efficiency and significantly increased customer satisfaction by partnering with the global ground transportation company. 

Founded in 2019, Berlin-based numa is a leading digital hospitality and technology company growing to 27 cities across 10 countries in signed properties. With a solid mission to bring some soul to travel, numa focuses on combining operator expertise with innovative digital solutions to provide a world-class and fully digital guest experience while increasing efficiency at all of their beautifully designed properties.

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The Challenge

Filling the demand for airport transfers with a top-quality service

A forward-thinking company, numa is often on the hunt for solutions to better improve the efficiency of its stays and internal operations, as well as to provide a well-rounded, smooth experience for its guests from start to finish. 

At the start of 2023, the company recognised the need for a customer-first, quality airport transfer service to provide a more seamless experience for their guests. More specifically, they needed a solution that wouldn’t hinder operational efficiency. So the team at numa started sifting through a myriad of solutions, trying to find a provider that could match their high standards and fill this gap. Of course, this is easier said than done.

“We picked up on a big demand for airport transfers through our guest experience team and when it comes to numa, we always look for high-quality standards to create more loyalty among our guest base. This is why we were drawn to Welcome, with its focus on customer-oriented services and sustainable practices such as providing work opportunities for the local community.”

Laura Van Meer | Head of Partnerships at numa

The Solution

A fully automated, customer-first and competitively-priced transfer solution

Following considerable research into the options available, numa finally came across Welcome Pickups, a global company offering technology-driven solutions for ground transportation in the travel sector. Early on it was clear that the companies’ values aligned, with customer satisfaction and loyalty as high priorities. Welcome’s 24/7 customer service, fully-personalised transfers and automated booking solution seemed to fit the mould.

Subsequently, numa decided to test the theory and integrate Welcome Pickups’ API. 6 months ago, the company entered a phase of initial testing in a few select cities across Europe. After a quick and easy integration, they started seeing good results and stellar reviews and the company decided to include Welcome’s 5-star services in all its locations.


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“After some research on providers and market standards, we were impressed by the reviews for Welcome Pickups and the 24/7 customer service that they offer. After a pilot phase, the 5-star reviews started coming in and convinced us of a high-quality service that fits numa like a glove.”

Laura Van Meer | Head of Partnerships at numa

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The Results

Improved efficiency and boosted customer satisfaction

Since partnering with Welcome Pickups, hundreds of transfers have been booked directly through Welcome’s API. Within 6 months, numa filled the demand for a competitive, high-quality guest transfer service, adding great value to their guest experience and therefore increasing customer satisfaction. Not only that, but it managed to remain efficient in its operations thanks to Welcome taking on the tricky issue of guest transfers.

Furthermore, Welcome’s dashboard has aided the company in making smart, data-driven decisions such as offering the right services at the right time. They’ve even achieved an 11% conversion rate on their upsells in the ‘My Trips’ section for airport transfers, with a significant number of guests also booking returns.

“Since we implemented Welcome Pickups, we have hundreds of transfers booked every month, meaning that guests either turn to Welcome Pickups or have no issues with the service. In terms of satisfaction, guests really appreciate the option and the clear information provided. This adds to an overall higher satisfaction level for our guests and incentivises them to come back. Plus, we have very few guests who turn to us for support after being redirected to Welcome Pickups.”

Laura Van Meer | Head of Partnerships at numa

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