The Top 8 Restaurants in Budapest

Dinner in Budapest

Food is something that you will find in no shortage of quality in Budapest. From fine dining experiences, gastronomical adventures, impeccable wines and vast menus, you’ll be sure to add some holiday weight – but for all the right reasons.

Gastronomical adventure

KonyvBar & Restaurant

This restaurant offers fine dining with a variety of wonderful flavours. The menu is pricy but certainly worth a visit as it has incorporates traditional foods with an inspired dish that changes every second week – the best part is that these dishes are based on your favourite novels – such as Harry Potter or Winnie the Pooh – to give you a taste of some unique inspired dishes! Also, the restaurant offers a gastronomical experience – a set menu of five courses, if you fancy a treat of a night out.

Another new dessert on the menu in Könyvbár & Restaurant.Lemon tart, greek yogurt, basil, green appleEgy újabb…

Posted by Könyvbár & Restaurant on Thursday, November 8, 2018


relatively new restaurant (opened downtown in 2015), has already earned itself a Michelin Star in 2016, so you can be sure to be served a wonderful dinner if you eat at Costes. There is a choice for the standard dining experience, or to those who really love their food, the gastronomical experience of your trip can be at the Chef’s Table. You can choose between the finer dining atmosphere of the original Costes on Raday Street, or the new downtown restaurant that presents a more ‘bistro-like’ environment and even has a great open kitchen!

Magyar kacsamáj a Costes Étteremben.Hungarian Foie Gras in Costes Restaurant.

Posted by Costes Restaurant on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Aszu Restaurant

Aszu offers a wonderful dining experience. It takes traditional Hungarian dishes and adds flair and creativity to tantalise the taste buds. It is a perfect introduction to the range of exciting food offered in Hungary and although it is a little on the pricer side, the experience is well worth the cost. It is recommended that you try the wines while you browse the menu and enjoy the beautiful décor of the restaurant.

Posted by Aszú Étterem on Saturday, November 2, 2013

Onyx Restaurant

This fine restaurant presents a fantastic menu with a range of traditional and European specialties with excellent wine-pairing advice. Again, Onyx is another Hungarian restaurant that can proudly display with Michelin Star. The service is flawless, and the restaurant set up is formal, yet comfortable. There are set menu options and the restaurant also caters for food preferences and allergies. It’s always best to book here, as its always busy! Leave plenty of time to enjoy a long, decadent meal.

It can be tasted, but not explained. ? #likeapainting …#restaurant #onyx #restaurant #michelinstar #twostars #chefadammeszaros Photo: @yaniv_ben_dor

Posted by Onyx Restaurant on Thursday, October 11, 2018

Dining on a budget

If you’re interested in sampling some of the great food in Hungary, but fine dining is not on the cards for your holiday budget then great news! Budapest is well known for its fantastic street food, as well as quaint dining areas that are informal yet delicious – and kind to your wallet.

Hungarikum Bisztro

Hungarikum can be a little pricy, depending on what you order, but the food and atmosphere at this traditional bistro is unrivalled. In a cozy home-like setting, the bistro gives an informal, traditionally Hungarian dining experience. Popular is an understatement, you’ll need to book in advance to eat there. The food is rich and filling and the hospitality a credit to its staff.

Posted by Hungarikum Bisztró on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Buja Disznok

Although the menu at Buja Disznok is limited, there is great bang for your buck! The food is fantastic and filling and at a very affordable price. The sizes are also massive, so you may find that you don’t need to order a meal per person. This place does not offer a traditional sit-down restaurant experience, so it’s great if you need a quick, delicious, home-cooked and filling meal while you’re on the go, or before a big night out exploring the city’s nightlife. Try the schnitzel!

Szombaton is RÁNTOTTHÚS a Buja Disznó -kban!Gyertek ebédelni! 😉

Posted by Buja Disznó -k on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Regős Vendéglő

Regos has very traditional dishes at a fraction of the price; and that is what makes Regos stand out from most restaurants. Aside from this, the restaurant offers a unique and cozy setting (underground!) and set menus are available for lunch with 3 courses at a great price – as little as 5€! The restaurant is located close to the city centre so is convenient for lunch or dinner as you wish!

Posted by Regős Vendéglő on Thursday, October 27, 2016

Street Food Karavan

The setting of Street Food Karavan is truly unique – it’s in the name! A small caravan like setting with some tables and chairs outside make this a truly authentic street food experience. Not only that, but the food is cheap, filling and delicious. The menu contains burgers, pasta, goulash, ice-cream, pizza and more and can be washed down with the great beers on offer. They cater for vegetarians and vegans too!  Street Food Karavan is truly a hidden gem!

Gyönyörűen süt a nap! Fantasztikus ilyenkor kiülni a Karavánba, az ember hamar elfelejti a telet. Gyere, finom ételekkel és italokkal várunk a napsütésben!

Posted by KARAVÁN on Saturday, March 4, 2017


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