The Most Romantic Sites for Couples in Tel Aviv

Must see places for couples in Tel Aviv

The bustling and crowded nature of Tel Aviv can make it a little difficult to find that perfect intimate spot, but there are plenty of romantic sites littered throughout this dreamy city. Whether you want to wow your loved one with out-of-this-world vistas, enjoy a coffee break in Old Jaffa, get lost in the ancient winding streets, have a cosy moment over Israel’s finest wine, or enjoy a romantic boat ride in the afternoon sun, there’s something for every couple. Make this trip one to remember with our list of the most romantic sites for couples in Tel Aviv.

Hayarkon Park

This lush park stretches out over 10 acres and is the biggest park in Israel. There are plenty of romantic activities to get your blood pumping in Hayarkon Park. From bike riding and tandem rock climbing to relaxing boat rides on the river and a sweet picnic surrounded by blooming flowers, Hayarkon Park is definitely one of the most romantic sites for couples in Tel Aviv.

Explore the many walking paths, and fall in love all over again in one of the six different exotic gardens.

Tel Aviv Port

This bustling port has a plethora of charming things to see and do, no matter what time of day it is. Spend your morning sipping coffee and cake for two while looking out over the glistening Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy a day of shopping in the many picturesque boutique stores, while of course, stopping for ice cream. In the afternoon, walk arm in arm along the promenade and enjoy the refreshing sea breeze. When the sun sets, you can either enjoy a romantic evening in one of the many gourmet restaurants or have a little fun in one of Tel Aviv Port’s bars.

No matter what kind of couple you are, a visit to Tel Aviv Port is one of the top romantic things to do in the city.

Jajo Wine Bar

If you’re looking for a quiet, exclusive place to reconnect with your loved one, this is it. Plus, there’s no better way to get the conversation flowing than over a glass of wine. Jajo Wine Bar is easily one of the most romantic places for couples in Tel Aviv. Not only is this stunning wine bar located in Israel’s finest winery, nestles in the middle of Neve Tzedek’s outstanding artistic quarter, but it serves up some of the most delicious food in the city.

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Enjoy an intimate evening of eclectic dishes, all with a Mediterranean twist, while sampling the best artisanal wines in the area.

Old Jaffa

Tel Aviv is filled to the brim with romantic spots, but Old Jaffa is easily the most fairytale-like. Take a stroll around Jaffa Harbour and watch the sun lightly kiss the waves as they roll into the shore, and dine on the newly renovated pier. Take your other half on an adventure through the winding stone alleyways and visit a few picturesque art galleries and quaint cafes. Old Jaffa truly has the perfect blend of European elegance and Middle Eastern warmth, making it one of the absolute best sites for couples to explore in Tel Aviv.

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If it’s good enough for Ross and Rachel, it’s good enough for us! A date in any Planetarium is always a unique and magical experience, but the one in Tel Aviv is truly ‘out of this world’. Get snuggly and gaze up at the twinkling stars as Galileo would have through his mighty telescope. The state of the art theatre comes complete with revolving seats, so you can not only see, but feel the mysteries of the galaxies. Learn about Israel’s first-ever astronaut and see live feeds from NASA in outer space.

Taking a trip to the Planetarium is truly one of the most romantic things to do for couples in Tel Aviv. What better gift to give your loved one than the stars?

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