The Most Iconic Walking Tour in Granada

Historical Walking Tour in Granada

Granada is filled with an unusual mix of ancient cultures that give this city its unique charm. All of this mysterious history is held within the very streets of Granada, and the best way to discover it is to walk them. Forget the organized tours with crowds of people, or getting lost while you venture out into an unknown city. Instead, enjoy the grand plazas, the special cultural hubs, panoramic views, spectacular architecture, famous monuments, and grand bazaars through our iconic walking tour in Granada.

walking tour of granada spain

Plaza Nueva

Begin your magical walking tour in Granada at the oldest square in the city, Plaza Nueva. This historical meeting place lies between the modern centre and the ancient Carrera del Darro and is lined with some of the city’s most important buildings. The Royal Chancellery, the House of Pisa and the bustling Calle Elvira all sit along the edge of Plaza Nueva.

plaza nueva granada

Casa de Porras

A short walk past the famous Fontana del Torro will lead you to Casa de Porras. Now owned by the University of Granada, this cultural hub was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. Casa de Porras was once a majestic Mudejar Palace, constructed by the Moorish people in the 16th-Century, but is now a place filled with spectacular exhibitions from local artists.

Granada Casa de Porras

Mirador de Carvajales

After you’ve marveled at the fine works of the Grenadian people, you will continue your walking tour of Granada through the quaint city streets until you reach Mirador de Carvajales. This is one of the best viewpoints in the city and rewards anyone who climbs to the top breathtaking panoramic views. You can look out past the tree-lined streets and excited tourists snapping pictures and scurrying below, all the way to the Alhambra and Alcazabar. Mirador de Carvajales is much less crowded than the more famous Mirador San Nicolas or San Cristobal but offers the same spectacular views over Granada.

granada view

Iglesia de San José

Once you’ve soaked up the wonderful scenery, make our way down to the next stop on your walking tour of Granada, Iglesia de San José. Constructed in 1525, this quaint little church perfectly represents the Renaissance and Baroque eras of this wonderful city. Iglesia de San José is filled with beautiful paintings, sculptures, and altarpieces, the most famous being the Islamic alter. This fantastic piece of history was built in the 11th-century and is the oldest preserved Islamic altar in Spain.

walking tour granada spain

Puerta del Perdon

You will then make your way down the busy central city streets to the famous Puerta del Perdon. This giant door is carved into stone in a stunning Plateresque style on the front and an impressive Gothic style on the other, the perfect representation of the transition of Granada from Gothicism to the Spanish Renaissance in the early 16th-Century. The name Puerta del Perdon comes from the legend that passing through this door with an honest heart will grant you forgiveness.

Granada Puerta del Perdon

Granada Cathedral

After soaking up the magnificence of the Puerta del Perdon, it’s time to move on to Granada Cathedral. This is probably one of the most awe-inspiring stops on your walking tour in Granada as this mighty cathedral looms over the entire city with all its architectural glory. The initial architect for Granada Cathedral was Enrique Egas, who began constructing in a Gothic style in 1523. However, in 1529, Egas was replaced by the Burgos-born sculptor Diego of Siloam, who continued the build in an Italian Renaissance style. This mismatch of architectural styles thankfully resulted in a uniquely spectacular cathedral. Inside, the splendor increases as you are greeted by glistening gold effigies, grand marble columns, delicate paintings, and breathtaking stain-glass windows.

Cathedral, Granada

Plaza de la Romanilla

A short walk down the right-hand side of the cathedral will lead you to your next stop, Plaza de la Romanilla. This is one of the city’s most centrally located plazas and is filled with wonderful tropical palm trees. Located in the middle of the Granada Cathedral and the Royal Chapel, this is the perfect place to enjoy the impressive architecture from afar, while sipping a quiet coffee in the Plaza.

Plaza de la Romanilla


The final stop on your iconic walking tour in Granada will be the lively Alcaiceria. This vibrant street is home to the Great Bazar of Granada and is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Originally, this phenomenal bazar stretched all the way from Plaza Nueva to Plaza Bib-Rambla, covering many important streets. The Great Bazaar was full of stalls selling Arabic silk, colorful spices, and many other precious goods. Nowadays, the only remaining section of the bazaar is located on Calle Alcaiceria, but you can still shop to you drop at the exciting stalls. This is the perfect place to pick up a precious keepsake or a unique souvenir. Arabic artwork, painted ceramics, delicate woodwork, traditional clothing, stained glass lamps, and even Arabic spices can all be found here.

Granada Alcaiceria

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