Welcome for Hotels: Level up your Guest’s (Welcome) Experience

First impressions are lasting impressions! This is exactly what we had in mind when launching our B2B services. Your guests deserve the warmest possible Welcome and we are here to help you offer it through our five-star hotel transfer solution.

How it works

Welcome works with local drivers and undertakes high-quality checks and training, which ensures their English language skills, knowledge of the area and greeting manners. This ongoing process ensures the high-quality service we offer to our partnered hotels and as a result, to their guests.

The booking process

Once your guest books a room, an automated email will be sent out after 30 seconds to greet them to your property, prompting them to book their transfer from any main hub of arrival to your hotel. If interested, your guest will click and get redirected to a dedicated landing page we have created for your hotel using its branding and photos.

A typical booking will last less than a minute and on top of the standard transfer fee, you can choose your own commission for referring our services to your guest list. This value-added service creates an extra stream of revenues for your hotel, whilst saving time and effort from your Front Desk team through the exceptional technology applied to all stages. The reduced administration work will leave your resources available and dedicated to the best personalised introduction once the guest steps in your hotel. The latter gets translated to higher customer satisfaction, greater opportunity for upselling hotel products and services and consistent top reviews from customers.

Benefits for your guests

Our mission is to make this very first impression count and help your guests reach you in a hassle-free manner, similar to a friend picking them up from a main hub such as airport or port. Booking with us means there is no need for your guests to worry about having cash on them (critical when the currency is different), since our services are prepaid and the prices fixed.

Flight delay? Nothing to worry about. Welcome’s drivers track your guests’ flight prior to their pickup and offer 60’ complementary waiting time from the moment their plane lands. Partnering with us means you can also offer your guests essential products such as local SIM cards, museum tickets and more that can be delivered to them at the exit gate upon arrival by our Welcomers.



1. Do I need to watch out for any hidden costs when agreeing on a partnership?

Not at all! The partnership with Welcome and the integration with its software comes at zero cost to all hotels and B2B organisations. We believe in win-win collaborations and only benefits are included to the partnerships with us.

2. My hotel has an existing partnership with professional drivers, what better can be achieved?

We understand there might be certain drivers you prefer to work with and this is why we give you the choice to onboard them to our platform. Our Driver Recruitment Specialists will contact them and after completing their application and onboarding process, they will be set as “preferred” drivers for your Hotel, so they are the ones to get assigned more frequently when your guests book their transfers with us. We set a partnership with your drivers and you benefit by all the great technology we have built for free.

3. What if things go wrong? Will the front desk have to deal with complaints?

Things don’t always run perfectly smoothly, but Welcome has a proven track record of handling issues – proven by more than 100K travellers that rated us with 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor! Our Customer Service team has a 24/7 dedicated line for phone and email partner support, for when urgent changes occur and drive coordination is needed. We continuously monitor your guests’ arrival times for delays or cancellations making sure the pressure doesn’t reach your front-desk team. Furthermore, all this information is provided to you so you can offer early check-in (or similarly late check-out) and manage your housekeeping operations in a much more efficient way. In the event of cancellation, we also make sure you are notified immediately, so you can amend your unoccupied rooms’ availability for rebooking.


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