Common phrases in Hungarian

Nothing is worse than travelling to a country and being lost in the language. As well as feeling a bit more confident on your holiday, the locals will be extremely appreciative of being thanked or greeted in their own language. So, here are some helpful phrases to keep on you for your trip, print them out and keep them in your pocket so you can use them on the go.

PhraseWhat it meansHow to pronounce it
SziaHello (and friendly goodbye)‘see-yaw’
Hogy vagy?How are you?‘haw-j vah-j’ – ‘j’ for joke.
Minden okEverything’s ok‘min-den oh kay’
Mennyibe kerul?How much is it?Men-yee-beh ker-ool
Jo reggelt/napot/estétGood morning/afternoon/evening‘yoh reg-gelt/nah-poht/esh-tet’
Jó éjszakátGood night yoh ey-sa-kat
Nem beszélek magyarulI don’t speak Hungarian‘nem bass-ale-lack ma-ja-rule’
Beszélsz angolul?Do you speak English?‘bass-ale-ss on-goh-lool’
A számlát kérem!The bill, please!aw sam-lat keh-rem
KöszönömThank you! keu-seu-neum


Despite your new-found excellence in the Hungarian language, you may still find that you struggle to communicate with locals at times of importance. Unfortunately, taxi drivers in Hungary don’t have the best English, so always have a back up plan (in the form of a map or address in the local language) to help you. If you’re wanting to cut out any stress, Welcome transfers are available with English-speaking drivers, so you have no confusion with getting yourself from the airport to your hotel after your flight.

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