Italian Language: Useful Phrases in Rome

Rome is a city with a huge tourist industry and friendly and professional servitori. Therefore, you can expect to be able to speak English with most people in the city centre. However, taking some time to learn the basics of the local language will enrich your experience. This is especially so if you find yourself stuck off the beaten path, and need to communicate with someone without using English. Despite what people say, you can’t just get away with using wild gesticulations! This guide will suggest a number of useful phrases, for eating out and casual conversation. 


Ciao! – Hi/Bye!

Salve – Hello (more formal)

Buongiorno – Good morning/day (formal, said in the morning)

Buon Pomeriggio – Good afternoon (formal)

Buonasera – Good evening

Buona notte – Good night (when you believe the person will leave to sleep)

Pronto – Hello (on the telephone only)

Ciao a tutti – Hi everyone (to an informal group)

Benvenuto – Welcome

Conversation Engagement

Sì – Yes

No – No

Forse – Maybe

Non lo so – I’m not sure

Per favore – Please

Grazie – Thank you

Molte grazie – Thank you very much

Prego – You’re welcome

Scusa – Excuse me (informal)

Mi scusi – Excuse me (formal)

Non capisco – I don’t understand

Non parlo Italiano – I don’t speak Italian

Parla Inglese? – Do you speak English?

Parli piano, per favore – Speak slowly, please

Come stai? – How are you? (informal)

Come va? – How are you? (more formal)

Come si chiama? – What is your name?

Mi chiamo… – My name is…

Dove abiti? – Where do you live?

Dove abitate? – Where do you live (plural)?

Abito a… – I live in…

Rome Piazza Spagna

Around and About

Dov’e la toilette? – Where is the toilet?

Dov’e la metro(politana)? – Where’s the metro?

Dov’e il museo? – Where is the museum?

Posso collegarmi con internet? – Can I use the internet?

Quanto costa? – How much does that cost?

Quanto costano? – How much do these cost?

Mi puo aiutare? – Can you help me?

Dove si mangia bene? – Where’s a good restaurant?

Quanti? – How many (diners)?

Che facciamo? – What would you like?

Posso ordinare…? – May I order…?

Da bere? – Drinks?

Un bicchiere di vino bianco/rosso – A glass of white/red wine

Un altro – Another one

E delizioso – It’s delicious

Il conto – The bill

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