Best Places for Brunch in Rome

One of the first things that come to mind, when people decide to go to Rome, is the sumptuous food. It’s extensive culinary heritage puts Rome on the world map. Not just as the centre for Italian cuisine, but for Roman cuisine in its own right. You are likely to be planning a packed day of visiting Rome’s ancient historical sights.  Therefore, you might need to ‘sandwich’ breakfast and lunch together to make the most of your time out and about. This guide is some great brunch ideas to suit your needs!

International Brunch

Rome International Brunch

An international brunch is a great way to enjoy a cafe morning. For this, Rome has many fantastic places to choose from.

Despite not having a long tradition of brunch, Rome has embraced the concept with open arms. There are now plenty of great eateries throughout the city tailoring to the international style of brunch. Serving their own take on the classic brunch foods you will expect. Yummy starts like croissants, eggs and bacon, orange juice and coffee, croque-monsieur and pancakes with maple syrup are very popular. Let’s also not forget the wonderful blueberries, strawberries and raspberries that go with everything! This might be just the thing you need after a great experience of Rome’s nightlife. Some places that are great to start with include:

  • Coromandel – A cosy place for brunch with a twist of classy vibes. Reservation is recommended. You can find it at Via di Monte Giordano, 60
  • Homebaked – Tasty brunch Grandma style, with the most authentic American pancakes. It can be found on Via Fratelli Bonnet, 21
  • Ex Circus– A cool café with a very modern sense of style and many regulars, the coffee is particularly good. It is located on Via Della Vetrina, 15
  • Babington’s – Something of an upscale recommendation, this is the historical English tea room that on the Piazza di Spagna. Open since 1893, a good brunch is easily found here.  

Italian Choices for Brunch

Rome Pizza Brunch

A few pizza slices on the go is a perfectly acceptable brunch in Rome

If you are in a hurry but want to make the most of a true Italian style brunch, then you have many great take away or quick bite options. There are many little pizzerias that sell freshly made pizza by weight. These are baked around midday, so it is best to get there from 12:30 am- 01:00 pm for the freshest slices. They come in either rectangular shapes or in the shape of the paddle that put them in the pizza oven.

Alternatively, many cafes and even wine bars have a good range of Paninis at the bar. One place worth mentioning here is Panini de Santis. Located right in the city centre, between the Fontana di Trevi and the Spanish Steps, you could give one a try whilst visiting the historical sights. It became such a hit in Milan that it had to open up shop in the capital. Loaded with pre-made selections and custom ingredients, including many for meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Shared Buffet Brunch

Dispensiamo energie e bontà ? Dai sapore al lunedì ??

Posted by Gusto al 28 on Monday, November 26, 2018

More in keeping with the traditional Italian way, lunchtime can also be a slow affair. With good company and good wine, lunch is often spent over many hours. Where this meets brunch is the buffet bar. For these all you can eat options, you will find a great range of bread, pasta, cold meats, salads, soups. And of course, a broad variety of amazing Italian desserts and cakes! Some suggested places are:

  • Gusto – An excellent place for genuine Italian buffet, with delicious antipasti and desserts. It is also a wine bar. It is located on Piazza Imperatore Augusto, 9
  • Na Cosetta – Known for its live music, you can also come for the great drinks, service and shared brunch. It can be found on Via Ettore Giovenale, 54
  • Necci dal 1924 – A little further off the beaten path, but nonetheless a romantic spot. Food is of a high standard and low prices. Find it on Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 68
  • Hopside – In the hip Ostiense neighbourhood, you can find great sharing food with craft, quality beers. The address is Via Francesco Negri, 39

Whilst this is just a flavour of the options you could try, don’t be afraid to experiment. Rome is full of culinary delights everywhere that would be happy to serve you. And if you fancy it, whilst in Rome, a huge gelato will always be an acceptable alternative to lunch!

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