Things to Do Over a Long Weekend in Rome

Rome is a city that is densely packed with ancient relics of a bygone era. Yet, there are gems of all kinds etched into the very cultural fabric of the city itself. Subsequently, if you are visiting Rome for just a few days, you may feel they have missed out.

The common feeling when leaving Rome is you must return to search out more. However, the best way to focus yourself and maximise your experience on your holiday is to book tours. This will ensure the nooks that enclose the brightest gold are highlighted to you. With us at Welcome, we have a variety of tours to suit your itinerary, that can be booked before coming. The tickets will be delivered to you in your Welcome pack on arrival. Here’s a taster of some of the great options available.

Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel & St Peter’s Basilica

The Vatican City and it’s related museums and buildings are so unique to Rome. Therefore, they are often the highlight of people’s holidays there. Featuring some of the world’s best artwork of the classical era, tourists flock to the Vatican. As such, the queues are always very long. In which case, it is best to make the most of your time and know your trip is well organised. We offer excellent skip the line tickets, to make sure you get priority access to the places everyone else wants to go.

Avoiding the infamous queues that snake around St Peter’s Square, you can feel you have your time and freedom to explore. You will also have access to an audio guide, so you can learn the secrets unknown to most. The tour will guide you to must-see sights such as: the Pinecone Courtyard, Bramante’s Fountain, the Raphael Room and the Gallery of Maps. Ending at the St Peter’s Basilica, you will be able to explore it at your own pace. Having this free time is essential in such an awe-inspiring place. You could even revisit anywhere that caught your eye along the way.

The Vatican is lit up at dawn, a perfect time to enjoy your tour through the famous buildings.

Rise and Fall of an Empire: Colosseum 

The hallmark of Rome, the Colosseum is a must see on your trip. With this Colosseum tour, you can leave the crowds in the line as you go straight through the portal to ancient Rome. Learn from your audio guide how this huge arena, large enough to seat 60,000 people, was constructed. See with your own eyes the stage where gladiators did battle. Visit the arena floor, where vicious wild beasts were fought and they even recreated sea skirmishes. 

The secrets of the past will be highlighted in your audio guide, along with the buildings design and its eventual fall into disuse. From there you will move on to the Forum, and walk where Roman Senators walked. See where valiant soldiers were welcomed home and let them relive in your mind’s eye. This is also the location of festivals and celebration dedicated to the old gods. Up to Palatine hill you will be able to see historical sights that are often missed. You will be wrapped in the mythology of the place that, so it is said, birthed the city of Rome. 

Rome Colosseum Night

The Colosseum is an incredible building. Enjoy a tour through the arena, learning about the history and its place in culture. Or admire it on a nighttime tour of the city.

Day Trip to Tivoli With Your Welcome Driver

To truly appreciate Rome, it helps to deeply understand Rome’s past. A fantastic way to do this is to take a day trip to the town of Tivoli. On the way, you will visit two major historical sites. First up is the getaway villa of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It was attributed to his lover and was used as a retreat from the busy city he ruled. Today you can see the ruins of this imperial residence. Specifically are the thermal baths, the libraries, chapels and underground passageways. 

Next up is the beautiful Renaissance estate, la Villa d’Este. Well known for its gorgeous hillside terraced gardens and playful fountains. It is considered to be the finest example of renaissance residential architecture by many. All of this is accessible to you by your Welcome driver. You will be taken by a knowledgable to these UNESCO listed sites in comfort and privacy.

Rome Villa d'Este

One of the best examples of Renaissance architecture in the world, the Villa d’Este is an exciting highlight of the tour to Tivoli.

Rome by Night With Your Welcome Driver

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Colosseum, Font di Trevi and St Peter’s Square shrouded in the cloak of night, yet illuminated in the darkness? This then is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the city from another angle. When the sun goes down, the black backdrop of night allows the city to truly shine. With this tour by night with your Welcome driver, you can see the city in luxurious comfort. In the back of your own private taxi, you will have everything you need to make the night special.

You will be taken on a panoramic route to all the sights you can’t afford to miss. Welcome drivers are English speaking locals, so yours will give you background information most tourists won’t know. All cars are equipped with wifi, water and snacks for your comfort throughout the tour. We can provide a base map for your route, or even decide the best route for you. However, this tour is fully customizable, so you choose what you want to see. You can preplan the ancient and historical sights you’d like to see best, so you can make the most of this magical night-time tour.

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