A Guide the Best Places to Shop in Venice

Shop Until You Drop in Venice

For over 1000 years, Venice has been one of the most influential commercial hubs in the world, supplying to North Africa, the East and most of Europe since medieval times. In the past, Venice would trade in stunning silks, luxurious velvets, tropical sweets and exotic spices, today, however, you can find some of the finest fashion and artisanal wares in Italy. Whether you’re looking to buy a designer handbag, exquisite Italian fabrics, one of a kind jewellery, a traditional hat or a piece of Murano glassware, these are the very best places to shop in Venice.

unique shopping spots in venice

Arnoldo & Battois

People travel from far and wide to purchase many things from Venice, but one of the most popular has to be handbags. Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois are born and bred Venetian designers who specialise in leather handbags. They commission local artisans in Veneto to construct these stunning accessories and then sell them exclusively in their picturesque boutique. This dynamic duo also creates a spectacular line of womenswear with a fresh and extremely fashion-forward deconstructed feel.

Prices start around €200 for their handbags, which with such individual designs and top quality Venetian leather, is a steal. For anyone on the hunt for top-notch Italian accessories, Arnoldo & Battois is one of the best places to shop in Venice.

Giuliana Longo

No matter if you’re looking for an original Panama, a cashmere beanie or a traditional Homburg, Giuliana Longo has the perfect piece to adorn your head with. Started in 1901 by Giuliana herself, this famous hattery has dressed the head of many an important Venetian. Legendary chef Marco Pierre White gets his Ecuadorian Panamas from this small shop and the elite Venetians shop here for their Carnival tricorne. No matter if you’re a fashionista or a traditional workman, the friendly staff at Giuliana Longo will find the perfect hat for you. If you’re looking to update your headwear, then be sure to check out this fantastic shop in Venice.


When you think of glassware in Venice your mind instantly jumps to Murano. This small island has been making and exporting stunning glass pieces all over the world for centuries, and L’Isola is where you can get some of the finest. Founded in 1958 by the two Moretti brothers, this Murano showroom houses an impressive collection of Carlo Moretti glass design. From his iconic Bora glasses, Murano tumblers and champagne flutes to spectacular vases, bowls and figurines, there’s no better place to shop for glassware in Venice.

The best part about shopping in L’Isola is that you can choose your perfect piece and then have it shipped back home safely, so you don’t have to worry about carrying such a delicate piece of art in your luggage.

T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Next on our list of the best places to shop in Venice has had a rather strange history. Originally a roadside inn for traders from Germany, and more recently the main postal hub of Venice, the T Fondaco dei Tedeschi has undergone a dramatic transformation into the most stylish shopping mall in the city. Not only does this glitzy mall house all of the major designer fashion labels, but it also hosts a vast array of free art shows on the top level.

After burning through your credit cards on the very best the fashion world has to offer, you can enjoy a lunch at the Amo café-restaurant, the newest brainchild of super-chef Massimiliano Alajmo.

San Samuele

If you’re an art fan and prefer to shift through galleries, craft shops and unique boutiques, then the San Samuele neighbourhood is the best place to shop in Venice for you. This creative area is filled to the brim with textiles and crafts, making it the perfect place to stock up on some Venetian gems to create your masterpieces with at home. If you’re looking for exquisite Italian fabrics, then head to Chiarastella Cattana, the go to shop for all seamstresses in Venice. This popular store also sells a plethora of high-quality bed linen, cushions and accessories. For unique and interesting jewellery, head on over to Palwer and check out their one of a kind pieces.

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