Lisbon’s Most Romantic Restaurants for Couples

Cosy Restaurants for Couples in Lisbon

With its fascinating history, stunning architecture and otherworldly cuisine, Lisbon is the cultural capital of Portugal. There are endless restaurants filled with tantalizing Portuguese cuisine and delicious wine, but not all of them have that special something for your special someone. If you’re looking to treat your loved one to a romantic evening of the finest dining in the city, then look no further than these cosy restaurants for couples in Lisbon.

cosy couples dining in lisbon


It’s no surprise that this stunning restaurant has been the backdrop to thousands of proposals over the years. The lavish interior of Largo was designed by Miguel Câncio Martins and its kitchen has been graced by world-class chefs such as Miguel Castro e Silva, Louis Anjos and Paulo Silva. It’s plush, deep crimson seating, curvaceous ceilings and intimate nooks make Largo one of the most cosy restaurants for couples in Lisbon, while their jellyfish aquarium dining room brings an otherworldly level of romance.

Enjoy a decadent truffle risotto, savor a mouthwatering beurre blanc shrimp and end the evening with their famous zero degrees chocolate mousse and hazelnut praline.


Located inside an exquisitely designed 18th-century building, Tágide is one of the most elegant dining experiences in the city. Although this restaurant has space for up to 100 guests, their stunning veranda is one of the coziest spots in Lisbon. From their candlelight studded terrace, you have one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Dining at Tágide during sunset is one of the most romantic experiences in Lisbon for couples. While you and your loved one are being dazzled by the bustling city below, enjoy their gourmet menu created by renowned chef Nuno Diniz.

Using traditional Portuguese techniques and locally sourced ingredients, Tágide offers dishes such as sautéed cuttlefish, duck breast with placed cherries and cucumber and clam infused rice.

Senhor Vinho

Fado music is meant to express the melancholy and yearning that accompanies love and is performed in some of the most romantic restaurants throughout Portugal. One of these just happens to be a perfectly cozy restaurant for couples in Lisbon, Senhor Vinho. Nestled in the heart of the elegant Lapa district, this highly esteemed restaurant is located inside a traditional Fado house. You and your other half will be serenaded by two guitars and the sweet, soulful sounds of the Fadista’s vocals. Dining by pure candlelight only enhances this magical experience, and Senhor Vinho’s menu perfectly complements the romantic atmosphere.

Traditional Portuguese cuisine and the region’s finest wines have been on offer in this elegant establishment since 1975.

Estórias na Casa da Comida

This nationally famous restaurant was designed by Jorge Vale thanks to his strong theatrical influences. His one true love, the theatre, was the inspiration behind this lavish establishment, and traditional flourishes can be seen scattered around each and every corner. Estórias na Casa da Comida was the first restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star in Portugal, and they have kept the same sophisticated concept for over 40 years. Their chef Chef João Pereira prides himself on his ability to seamlessly blend traditional Portuguese cuisine with contemporary cooking techniques and flavors.

Expect dishes such as steamed black belly rosefish, suckling pig, smoked ham roost and partridge in vinegar sauce. Treat your loved one to pure luxury in one of the coziest restaurants for couples in Lisbon.

As Salgadeiras

This adorable restaurant used to be a modest bakery, and architectural tells, such as the low, arched ceilings and warming stone oven can still be found. Today, As Salgadeiras has become one of the coziest restaurants in Lisbon thanks to its intimate atmosphere, endless charm, outstanding menu, and a generous wine list. You can hide away in a quiet corner with your partner and enjoy a feast of soft goat’s cheese with honeydew carpaccio, succulent pork tenderloin, mouthwatering pan-fried prawns smothered in garlic butter, and if you have room, top it all off with a decadent chocolate volcano for two.

Don’t forget to ask about the perfect pairing for each course which the staff will gladly bring up from their extremely well-stocked wine cellar.

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