The Best Tapas Bars in Granada

Where to eat the best tapas in Granada

No visit to Spain is complete without eating your own weight in tapas, right? Well, you’re in luck, because Granada is absolutely littered with tapas bars on every single corner. From tiny traditional bars and cheap eats to the more extravagant and unusual tapas, this wonderful city has it all. Whether you’re craving jamon, croquettes, lomo or even Arabic tapas, we’ve got it all covered in this list of the top tapas bars in Granada.

Bodegas Castañeda

A favorite amongst the locals and one of the most traditional tapas bars in Granada, Bodegas Castañeda is not to be missed. This little old bar is known for its exquisite jamon and completely chaotic atmosphere. Fight your way to the bar, and be sure to order yourself a traditional vermouth, and some of their ham tapas. Spicy, smoked, woody, salty… they have every single flavor you could wish for, and all served on a perfectly crispy sliver of bread. Watch as the skilled waiters rush around under hanging legs of cured ham and dance around the excited customers, as you dig into some of the best tapas in Granada.

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La Ballena Alegre

Traveling on a budget? Want to eat like the locals but just can’t afford it? Well, in Granada you can! You can enjoy a fulfilling lunch or dinner of fresh tapas and a drink for only €3. One of the best places to enjoy such amazing prices is in La Ballena Alegre, or ‘The Happy Whale’ in English. Located a little ways off the beaten tourist track, this charming little tapas bar is a favorite amongst students and locals. For only €3, you can enjoy a nice cool pint of the local Alhambra beer, and choose any tapas from the menu.

Unlike many tapas bars in Granada, when they offer a burger or chorizo and eggs, they aren’t talking mini, they will serve up a full-size burger, and a hefty portion of scrambled eggs. For a truly budget-friendly meal, La Ballena Alegre is one of the best tapas bars in Granada.

Los Diamantes

There are three branches of this famous tapas bar in Granada, Plaza Nueva being a favorite amongst tourists, and Calle Navas being the original, and best for traditional tapas. The chef at the Calle Navas location specializes in fried-fish tapas, a very tricky dish to find in Granada. However, due to its fantastic location and even more spectacular tapas, if you arrive just one minute after Los Diamantes opens it’s doors you will be trampled by hungry Spaniards, all looking to taste their favorite tapas.

The fight to the bar is worth it though, as you will be rewarded by sherry-soaked clams, fried salt cod, fresh seafood and even tempura vegetable tapas.


Ok, we’ll admit it, not all tapas have to be 100% Spanish or traditional to taste great. That’s why we are including the daringly different and downright delicious tapas bar Cafe OMKA in our list of the best tapas bars in Granada. Honoring the city’s Moorish heritage, this unusual tapas bar serves up a surprising blend of Arabic tapas. Chick-pea is the star of most of their dishes, and boy do they know how to work it. Their chick-pea cake is to die for, and their hummus is out of this world. In true Granada fashion though, every single one of their dishes pairs perfectly with the local Alhambra beer.


This hidden, sleek tapas bar isn’t about the crowds or the hustle and bustle of mid-week life. D’cuadros keep themselves exclusive and prefer to focus on a more intimate and relaxed dining experience. It’s rich white, red and black interior, with spacious tables and cosy alcoves give D’cuadros an inviting atmosphere, and their tapas will make you want to stay all afternoon. They serve up some of the local favorites, including croquettes and pork loin, but also a few surprising tapas like tortellini and old-school pasta salad.

If you’re looking for somewhere to sit back, relax and enjoy some delicious Grenadian tapas, then this is one of the best tapas bars in Granada for you.