GLA Airport – Live Departures

Checking in at Glasgow Airport

Although Glasgow Airport is relatively small, over 8 million passengers pass through every year. Your journey through Glasgow Airport departures starts at check-in. There are check-in desks at both terminals, however, all flights depart from Terminal 1.

If you’re flying with Thomas Jet2, you need to check in at Terminal 2. The best way to get there is to ask your airport taxi to drop you at Terminal 1 and use the connecting bridge.

If you’re unsure where to check in, check the dynamic screens when you arrive. Our Glasgow Airport live departures board above will also help.

You can drop your checked bags at your airline’s check-in desk. Some airlines have automated self-service bag-drop machines but not all. We recommend checking-in online to save yourself some time.

Terminal 1 – Departures is located on Level 1.

Terminal 2 – Check-in only.

When to arrive at Glasgow Airport?

If you’re flying internationally, Glasgow Airport recommends you arrive 3 hours before your flight. Taking a domestic flight among the British Isles? Arriving 1.5 hours before your flight should be plenty. For those heading to EU countries, 2 hours is sufficient.

What’s next?

Once you’ve checked in and dropped your bags, it’s time to head to security. The security checkpoint is designed to be as simple as possible. Start by having your boarding pass on hand for scanning as you enter. Then, while you’re in the queue, prepare your items for inspection. 

Your electronics and outerwear should be in separate trays. You also need to take your liquid bag out of your hand luggage for inspection. 

Liquids must be 100 ml or less, and you’re permitted one 1-litre liquid bag per person. 

The only exceptions to this liquid rule are baby food/milk and liquid medicines (if accompanied by a doctor’s letter). You can read more on the Glasgow Airport security website.

Want to fast-track through security? You’re in luck. The Priority Security lane is a given for first-class or business-class flyers, but you can also purchase a pass for £6.99 (8.17).

It should take less than one hour to get through security however times fluctuate depending on the busyness of the airport. 

What to do in Departures at Glasgow Airport?

Glasgow International Airport technically has two terminals, however, Terminal 1 has all of the airport’s facilities, shops and restaurants. Terminal 2 is primarily an annexe of Terminal 1 with extra check-in desks. Therefore, you’ll be enjoying the same shopping and eateries regardless of which terminal you’re flying from. 

You’ll find a small selection of shops including Jo Malone, Boots and, of course, Duty-Free. Remember that if you buy any liquids over 100 ml after passing through security, you must keep them sealed in the clear plastic bags provided for the duration of your flight. 

As for restaurants, Frankie’s and Benny’s, Pret-A-Manger and Beardmore Bar are just some of the establishments on offer. 

Free WiFi is available throughout the airport, as well as charging points, toilets, ATMs, and currency exchange kiosks. If you’re interested in relaxing in an airport lounge before your flight, there are two available on the upper floor of Terminal 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to be at Glasgow Airport before a flight?

The best time to arrive at Glasgow Airport depends on where you’re flying to. It is recommended to arrive 3 hours before an international flight, 2 hours before an EU flight, and 1.5 hours before a domestic flight.

What are the liquid restrictions at Glasgow Airport?

How long does it take to go through security at Glasgow Airport?