Layover at Barcelona – El Prat Airport

If you are passing through Barcelona, you may have a transfer onward to a new destination. This could be a simple transition through, a wait for some hours or perhaps an overnight stay. Barcelona’s El Prat is a large airport with two terminals: T1 and T2. It is open 24 hours with a shuttle bus connecting the two terminals. This runs every 5 minutes during the day and every 10 minutes during the night. This article will cover some of the fundamentals to enjoy your layover. 

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A Few Hours

Having a short transfer through the airport will make the process quite straightforward. Although El Prat has a large number of passengers to process during peak times, the service is fairly efficient. Therefore, passing through the airport can be relatively easy. If you are arriving at T1, it is a large building so make sure you have plenty of time to pass through and walk to your next gate. If you are changing terminals you will also need to factor in your short shuttle transfer.

T2 is a smaller building, with zones T2B and T2C for departures in operation. If you have some time to pass, there is a free wifi service- ‘kubiwireless’- to connect to. Also, there is a large variety of shops, and cafes, particularly at the T1 Sky Centre. There are plenty of seats available to relax in as well as children’s play areas. Showers can be found in the Air Rooms to refresh yourself at. T2 also has duty-free shopping, cafes, seating areas and a children’s play area. 

A Longer Layover 

A transfer for many hours may mean you would prefer to pass through the airport and visit the city. If so, you need to look no further than us here at Welcome Pickups. We can transfer you from the airport with a handpicked, local, English speaking taxi driver. All for the same price as a regular taxi, you will be in the city centre in around half an hour. The airport is located 12 km southwest of the city centre.

You will receive refreshments and a map in your Welcome pack, and your driver will point out the sights you won’t want to miss seeing. Plus, we will take you to the central location of your choice. You can pre-book your return transfer, so you are sure you will arrive on time to transfer on to your next destination. Factor in 1 hour for travelling to and from the city and 2 hours for passing through the airport to your gate. This way, you will be sure you have enough time during your layover. There are also a number of alternative transport options from Barcelona airport to city centre. 

Welcome Pickups Transfers

Finally, if you’re looking for something more comfortable, when arriving in Barcelona, consider pre-booking a Barcelona transfer with Welcome Pickups. Welcome operates globally and provides next-level customer service from a highly-rated, experienced and reliable transfer who will be waiting for you at your gate as soon as you arrive in Barcelona airport all for the price of a regular taxi. Welcome offers so much more than just a transfer, providing offers, promotions and services that will give you the best start to your holiday!

Barcelona Taxi Transfer Welcome Pickups

An Overnight Layover

When having a layover during the night, this may be an excellent opportunity to take a rest. If you wish to stay at a city centre hotel or guesthouse we can transfer you there. Prices are likely to be more reasonable than on-site airport hotels and without the noise of frequent aeroplanes taking off. Then, when you are ready to be taken back to the airport we can do that too. We operate around the clock, so no matter your flight hours, we can help. If you choose to stay closer to the airport, there are a number of hotels in the local area. Many of them offer a shuttle bus service to the airport terminals and back. Check your chosen hotel website for specific details.

Within the airport itself, you can stay in the Air Rooms in T1 or one of the exclusive lounges. For these, you can pay for entry at the door. They include Pau Casals for Schengen and domestic flights or Joan Miró for non-Schengen flights. The airport is open 24 hours a day, so you can sleep on the floor-albeit less comfortably. Airport staff typically tolerant of sleepers as this is quite a common practice. The chairs are usually fitted with armrests and the lighting can be very strong. Therefore, you might want to bring an eye mask and earplugs for a less interrupted rest. The upper floor of T1 is a good option for sleeping in, and the T2 U gate has armrest free seats to get more comfortable on. Have a look at our other article for information on navigating the airport

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