Top 5 Places for Brunch in Thessaloniki

You’ll find that ‘brunch’ is a relatively new concept to the Greeks, who prefer to start early with a cup of coffee and a pastry on the go and eat a big lunch later in the day. However, the summer months and increasing trends have seen more typical brunch menus (with a bit of Thessaloniki flair) pop up around the city. Get ready to find some delicious spots to lax away the mornings.

Dada’s House

A petite café with a big menu, nestled in a quiet, pedestrian street in the centre of Thessaloniki. On a sunny day, you can sit outside and enjoy breakfast and coffee from the wide selection of both sweet and savoury brunch options. Dada’s house is affordable and delightful; their trademark is fresh and homemade loukoumades (traditional Greek doughnuts with honey), waffles, pancakes and crepes, all hand-mixed and cooked live, in front of you.



Perhaps the most famous brunch restaurant in Thessaloniki, Estrella is one of the most popular spots in the city, notable by the queues outside no matter what time of the day it is. The restaurant offers a typical combination of sweet or savory brunch foods; eggs, waffles, pancakes, smoothies and coffees as well as their famous bougatsa (cream pie), a signature sweet treat that combines the bougatsa with a croissant. If you’re game, try the 30cm high Super Mega Hero pancake stack. What could be better?


Ergon Agora

Starting as a grocery store, Ergon soon evolved into a fantastic brunch destination, open between 10:00-14:00, the menu includes eggs, croissants, sandwiches, and Thessalonian koulouri served in new and exciting ways! They still sell products too, so you can browse the delicious goods in the store while you wait for your food. The deli is still running, and the coffee is delightful! 



Mahalo, in the Ladadika district, has recently been renamed to Konfor. Its industrial interior, complete with hanging greenery and large tables, is a charming place to visit. The food is just as great, featuring the traditional brunch classics that you’d like to see on any menu – eggs benedict, pancakes done many ways, croque madame and ‘power bowls’ with yogurt, milk, seeds, berries and more. Check out this great new place to brunch! 



Tasty food with an interesting menu for every taste, fresh juices and tasty omelets, pancakes and so many other delicacies! The place is cozy and friendly; it is also a non-smoking place, which is a good thing especially if you have kids. The staff is great at welcoming and making sure you are happy and served well.


And for those on a budget…?

In Thessaloniki, there aren’t too many places for a sit-down brunch, but don’t fear! Cheap and delicious food options are everywhere, and you can most likely find a bakery that will have too many options for you to count and you won’t be paying more than 2€ for a delicious pastry or sandwich. Seriously delicious and seriously budget brunching done right! Also, the Juju-Bruju makes delicious smoothies and outstanding coffee! As the name suggests this is a smoothie and juice bar but you can also grab some cabinet food here; freshly made and catering the things you’ll find you’re craving most in the morning – or afternoon for that matter!

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