Istanbul Airport Live Departures

Istanbul Airport Check-in

The Istanbul Airport Departures terminal has check-in counters, bag-drop counters and plenty of self-check-in kiosks where passengers can complete their check-in. Upon arriving at the airport, you can check the screens to find out which check-in desks apply to your airline. 

For a faster check-in experience, most airlines allow online check-in in advance. Likewise, you can head to the self-check-in kiosks. Just remember to head to the bag drop area if you have hold luggage. Those with only hand luggage can go straight to security. 

Main Terminal

Check-in is located on the Departures Floor.

When to arrive for departures at Istanbul Airport?

Passengers flying from Istanbul International Airport should check in at least 2 hours before international flight departures and a minimum of 1.5 hours prior to domestic flights.

What’s next?

After you’ve completed any check-in and bag drop procedures, be sure to have your boarding pass on hand and head straight through security and passport control to get to the Istanbul Airport departures terminals where you’ll find your gate.

It’s always good to check what you can and can’t take through Istanbul Airport security, you can find this information in the official Istanbul Airport Security Guide. Generally, all liquids should be in 100 ml containers and placed in a single 1-litre resealable bag. Place your liquids and laptops, or large electrical items separately from your hand luggage and walk through the security scanner. 

Istanbul Airport security times can be anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on how busy the airport is. However, Istanbul Airport boasts a Queue Management System to help with crowds; screens before security and passport control display estimated waiting times, based on real-time calculations.

*If you’d rather skip the queues, IGA Istanbul Airport offers a premium Fast Track service to save time and make your journey more comfortable. 

What to do in Istanbul Airport Departures?

Departures at Istanbul Airport offer plenty of amenities, facilities and services to enhance the traveller experience. Whether you’re planning on buying items from the shops or fancy some food, the Istanbul Airport departures lounges provide a selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, Duty-free stores, and private lounges. You’ll also find sleep pods, prayer rooms, and plenty of premium services.

*Find out more about what’s on offer in the departures areas including an Istanbul Airport departures map in our Airport Guide.

Please remember that if you’re purchasing items from Istanbul Airport Duty-Free, you should check the tax-free entitlement of the country you’re flying to.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to arrive at Istanbul Airport?

Official airport advice recommends passengers check in at least 2 hours before international flights and a minimum of 1.5 hours before Istanbul Airport domestic departures.

How to check in at Istanbul Airport?

What travel documents do you need when departing from Istanbul Airport?

How to get to Istanbul Airport?