Uber in Prague: Everything you need to know

Whether you want to organise your transfer to and from the airport, need an in-city ride, or are planning a day trip – you’ll find all the information you need about using Uber in Prague, possible alternatives and which is the best choice for you right here.

Is there Uber in Prague? 

If you’re planning your trip to Prague, you may be wondering if Uber is available in the stunning, Gothic capital. Well, the good news is that Uber is available in Prague, including Uber Airport, Uber X, Uber XL, UberBlack and Uber Comfort. Uber X is the standard service, whereas Uber XL and Comfort provide large vehicles and extra space, and UberBlack is Uber’s more premium offering.

How much is Uber in Prague?

Uber prices in Prague are usually a bit cheaper than regular taxi services, however, high demand can often make Uber the pricier choice. The cost of your Uber in Prague varies depending on the type of service and distance, with Uber Airport and Uber Black being the most expensive. Uber X is the most affordable option, typically costing around €23.10 (CZK 566) for a ride from Prague Airport to Prague. Likewise, you’ll pay around €6.65 (CZK 163) for a 5 km ride within the city. 

It’s important to note that surge pricing during peak seasons or rush hour can add to the cost of your Uber. Rush hour is usually from 07:00 to 09:00 on weekdays and late evenings/early mornings on Fridays and Saturdays.

Prague Airport to city centreOld Town Square to Majestic Plaza Hotel (5 km)
Uber Airport – €23.10 (CZK 566)Uber X –  €6.65 (CZK 163)
Uber Black – €30 (CZK 729)Uber Black – €11.40 (CZK 280)
Standard Taxi – €28 (CZK 700)Standard Taxi – €6.10 (CZK 150)
Welcome Pickups private transfer – €28 (CZK 700)Welcome Pickups private transfer – €6.10 (CZK 150)

Alternatives to taking an Uber in Prague

From the airport

Uber has been the main taxi provider for Prague Airport since September 2023, which means you can request rides from the app, online, or from kiosks located in the Arrival Halls of both terminals. The Uber Airport service is pricier than a standard Uber, plus if demand is high or the streets are busy, you may end up paying significantly more than a standard taxi.

You can still catch a local taxi from the ranks at Prague Airport but remember not to accept rides from drivers approaching you in arrivals – as they are usually unlicensed. 

For a fixed fare with no hidden fees, you can pre-book your Prague Airport Taxi with Welcome Pickups and enjoy a more personalised and premium experience.

Getting around Prague

Aside from Uber, taking a taxi in Prague is a great affordable alternative. You can hail a taxi from the street, call a Prague taxi company and arrange a pickup, or walk to the nearest rank. Several taxi ranks are scattered around the city such as Hybernska Street, the National Theatre and Namesti Republiky. You can also download other popular ride-hailing apps such as Bolt, and you can still book in-city rides with Welcome Pickups if you’d prefer a fixed fare.

Travelling outside of Prague

If you’re planning on leaving Prague to explore other nearby destinations such as Karlovy Vary, you can still go by taxi and skip the stress of renting a car or navigating public transportation. 

You can still use Uber but it’s not recommended for long distances as the cost will be high. Local taxis are cheaper, although pre-booking a private transfer with a guaranteed fixed fare is the most convenient and reliable option.

Is Uber safe in Prague?

Uber is generally quite a safe way to get around Prague. However, like any major city, it’s wise to be cautious. It’s always good to check your Uber driver’s rating and keep an eye on your journey using the Uber app. 

Likewise, licensed taxis in Prague are generally safe and reliable. However, some may try to overcharge you. To avoid being scammed, research the fare and route in advance and make sure the meter is running. The best way to reduce these risks is to book an airport taxi with a trusted provider and receive a fixed fare in advance.

Can I pay by card?

Ride-hailing apps like Uber allow you to pay by card through the app once the ride is terminated. You can also pay by card in advance by booking a taxi ride in advance.

How much is Uber in Prague?

Uber in Prague is a little cheaper than local taxi services, except during periods of high demand. With that being said, you’ll pay approximately €23.10 (CZK 566) for a ride from Prague Airport to the city centre using the Uber Airport service and a short taxi ride in the centre should cost around €6.65 (CZK 163). For a competitive fixed fare with no hidden fees, you can book an airport taxi in advance.

Do I need to tip my Uber driver?

Tips are not expected, but if you particularly enjoyed the service you can tip your driver through the app.