Barcelona Airport – Live Departures

Barcelona Airport Departures Information

There are two ways to check in for Barcelona Airport departures: you can do it on the day of your flight at your airline’s check-in desk, or online in advance. If you opt for checking in at the airport, you’ll need to present your travel documents and deposit your luggage at the desk as well.

To locate your airline’s check-in counter, check the flight information screens in the terminal. Additionally, you can check our live Barcelona Airport Departures board.

Likewise, most airlines offer online check-in up to 24 hours before departure. This allows those with only carry-on luggage to head directly to security upon arriving at the airport. However, if you are travelling with luggage, you will need to visit the check-in desk or self-service bag drop counters to check your bags in.

Barcelona Airport Departures Terminal 1

  • Check-in desks, security, the main departure lounge and boarding gates D-E are on the third floor.
  • The premium check-in zone and gates A-C are on the first floor.

Barcelona Airport Departures Terminal 2

  • Check-in desks are on the ground floor.
  • Boarding gates M, R, S, U, W, and Y are split between the ground floor and the first floor.

When to arrive for departures at Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport recommends arriving 3 hours before non-Schengen flights and 2 hours before domestic and Schengen flights. However, if you’re only travelling with carry-on luggage and you‘ve checked in online, you can arrive a bit later to avoid waiting around for too long at the airport.

What’s next?

Once check-in is complete, you can head towards security with your boarding pass in hand. For passengers who have checked in online and only have carry-on luggage, travel documents will be checked at the departure gate prior to boarding.

Make sure you’ve checked which items are not allowed in your luggage. Liquids must be stored in clear 100 ml containers and placed into a transparent plastic bag. At security, place the liquids and any large electronic devices separately from your luggage and walk through the scanner.

Barcelona Airport security wait times can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes. However, queues may be significantly longer during peak periods such as the summer season.

*If you’d prefer to ensure a speedy process, Fast Lane services are available for Barcelona Airport departures, with prices starting from €10.40 per person.

What to do in Departures at Barcelona Airport?

The airport has two terminals, both equipped with all the necessary amenities, facilities and services for travellers passing through. Barcelona Airport departures provides passengers with seating areas, duty-free stores and a good selection of shops. Additionally, you can choose between a few cafes, bars and restaurants in each departure lounge.

You can also take advantage of the children’s play areas, workstations, pet-friendly spaces, and some VIP lounges available for an extra fee.

*If you’re shopping in Barcelona Airport duty-free, it’s a good idea to check the tax-free entitlement for the country you’re travelling to.


When to arrive at Barcelona Airport?

The airport recommends arriving 3 hours ahead of non-Schengen flights and 2 hours before Schengen or Domestic flights.

How do I know what gate my flight is departing from?

How long does it take to get through security at Barcelona Airport?

How to get to Barcelona Airport?