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Варианты трансфера от аэропорта Франкфурта до центра города

As one of the busiest airports of Europe, Frankfurt airport offers a variety of ground transportation systems to and from the airport. The simplest option is usually taking a Frankfurt airport taxi, since its a door to door transfer. The trip depending on traffic could take from 20 to 30 minutes, while the average fare is around €45 — 50. A cheaper alternative to taxis are the buses, however the bus networks do not extend to the central district of the city. The last and most preferred travel method from the airport regardless of the destination is the renowned Frankfurt train network. Lines S8, S9, 21, 55 and 75 from RMV are all connections to the centre of the city, trips takes 15 minutes and tickets cost €4.65.

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Сравнение вариантов

€47 25min 24/7
Такси €45 25min 24/7
Поезд €9.30 15min 04:11–23:58


Продолжительность поездки

Примечание редактора

Полезные советы

How to get from Frankfurt airport to Frankfurt city centre by taxi

In order to accommodate the large number of daily travelers, taxi service at Frankfurt airport is available 24/7. All licensed taxi vehicles are cream or white colored in addition to the black and yellow taxi rooftop sign. Taxi rates in Frankfurt are government regulated as they are in all of Germany, thus fares from Frankfurt airport to the centre of the city should always range from €45 to €50 depending on traffic. Trips to the city last around 25 minutes.

Taxi fare from Frankfurt airport to Frankfurt city centre

Normal taxi rates from the airport to the centre of the city range from €45 to €50 depending on traffic levels and type of vehicle. Vehicles with larger capacity cost more but are usually favoured, since the price is divided among additional passengers.

The fares might also change based on the amount and size of your luggage. Holiday seasons and the time of the day have no effect to the taxi fares.

Стоимость такси
Дневное время
Ночное время
25 МИН
20 МИН
45 МИН


Продолжительность поездки

25 Min.

*Rates may vary unless you book your taxi in advance.


Такси в аэропорту доступны в любое время.

Where do I get the taxi from?

Taxi lines and a taxi service desk are present in both terminals 1 and 2 of the airport, as well as outside the train station. Both terminals are connected with regular shuttles buses.


Taxis from Frankfurt airport are not the cheapest nor the fastest travel method to the centre of the city. However, it ensures security and a comfortable private environment, which in many cases is the top priority especially after a long flight.

Примечание редактора

Путешествие большими группами из 4 и более человек обеспечит низкий тариф на такси. Кроме того, многие отели города предлагают своим клиентам услуги частного такси. Частные компании такси также являются популярным вариантом, так как они предлагают фиксированные цены, в зависимости от конечного пункта назначения.

Полезные советы

Рекомендуется избегать нелицензированных водителей, которые всегда пытаются обмануть неосведомленных путешественников, предлагая заманчивые предложения.
Все официальные транспортные средства такси, находящиеся в частной собственности, должны иметь таксометр, который четко отображает скорость и текущий статус. Удостоверьтесь, что он всегда обнуляется, когда вы садитесь в автомобиль.

How to get from Frankfurt airport to Frankfurt city centre by train

Frankfurt’s train network is the most preferred transportation method due to its availability and reach. The S9 s-bahn and S8 s-bahn lines offer direct connections to the central (Frankfurt (Main) Konstablerwache) station in Frankfurt. The trains are available every 5 to 10 minutes from the airport and the trips last 15 minutes at most. Regular one way tickets from the airport cost €4.65.

How much is the train from Frankfurt airport to city centre?

Regular one way tickets (RVM) from the airport to the centre of the city cost €4.65, while children 6-14 have a reduced fare of €2.80. Tickets can be purchased from the designated counters at the airport.



Продолжительность поездки

15 Min

Waiting time for the S8 and S9 lines is 10 minutes at most.

Часы работы: S8 - с 4:28 утра до 23:58 часов / S9 с 4:11 утра до 23:11 вечера

Where do I get the train from?

The train station connecting Frankfurt airport to the city is located on level zero of Terminal 1. Clear signs throughout the airport can help travelers locate the train station.


The train is so effective and popular in Frankfurt that it is the only direct public transportation system from the airport to the heart of the city. Frequent runs and fast trips make it the ideal option for any destination within and outside of Frankfurt alike. Lastly, all carts and units are fully equipped with A/C, WiFi and plenty of luggage space.

Примечание редактора

Билеты RVM действительны для автобусов, трамваев (Straßenbahn), метро (U-Bahn), поездов пригородных поездов (S-Bahn) и поездов SE, RB и RE.

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Сколько стоит такси из аэропорта Франкфурта до центра Франкфурта?

The average taxi fare from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt is €45. Factors, such as amount of luggage pieces and type of vehicle can further affect the taxi fares.

Сколько стоит билет на поезд из аэропорта Франкфурта в центр Франкфурта?

Regular one-way train tickets cost €4.65 for adults. Tickets can be purchased online, through ticket machines and from the ticket counter inside the airport.

Как далеко находится аэропорт Франкфурта до центра Франкфурта?

The total distance from Frankfurt Airport to Frankfurt city centre is 14 km. The total trip with a car usually takes around 25 minutes.

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