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Варианты трансфера от Venice Airport до Venice

There are two ways to reach the city centre of Venice from Marco Polo Airport (VCE), by taxi or by bus. Due to transportation rules in Venice, all motorised transport must stop at the Piazzale Roma terminal. From here, you can then take the Vaporetto public waterbus or enjoy the scenic walk to your hotel. The most convenient transfer option is to take a taxi. Marco Polo airport taxis don’t operate on a fixed fare rate but will cost around 35€ and take 20 minutes in light traffic. Your second option is to take the bus. There are two bus options from Marco Polo airport to the city centre of Venice, one is the ATVO Express Bus costing 8€ one-way and taking just 20 minutes, and the other is the ACTV City Bus, taking 35 minutes and also costing 8€ one-way.

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Сравнение вариантов

€182.50 30min 24/7
€120 35min 24/7
€40 20min 24/7
€20 20min 04:56–01:01
€30 40min 05:20–00:20
€20 20min 24/7

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Часто задаваемые вопросы

How much is a taxi from Marco Polo Airport to Venice?

Taxis from Venice Marco Polo (VCE) airport aren’t charged at a flat rate, they are based on time. In normal to light traffic, it should take 20 minutes to reach Venice city centre from the airport, which will be approximately 35€.

How do I get from Marco Polo Airport to Venice City Centre?

You have two options to reach the city centre of Venice from Marco Polo airport, a taxi or bus. Taxis are the most convenient option, the journey only takes 20 minutes and will cost approximately 35€. Your second option is a bus which will cost 8€ one way. You can take the ATVO Express Bus which is a direct service and takes 20 minutes or the ACTV City Bus which has multiple stops and takes 35 minutes.

Does Venice have Taxis?

Yes, venice has both water taxis and taxi cabs. Water taxis are much slower and more costly than taxi cabs, but they are unique to Venice. For a more tailored experience, you can also book a private taxi online before you arrive to Venice.

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