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Transfer Options from Alexandroupoli Airport to City Centre

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How to get from Alexandroupoli Airport to city centre

Alexandroupoli International Airport (AXD) is located 7km from Alexandroupoli city and is connected to the city centre by two transportation ways: Taxi and Bus. Alexandroupoli airport taxis offer the most time-saving and elegant services at rather affordable prices. Thus, the ride of the metered taxis from the airport to Alexandroupoli will cost you around 10€ while its duration will be 10 minutes, without any congestion. On the other hand, local urban buses are a cheaper alternative as their ticket price is 1,2€ but the bus route to the downtown area of Alexandroupoli will take 20 minutes.

Comparison of the options

Bus €2.4 20min 07:35–21:20
Taxi €10 10min 07:00–22:00

How to get from Alexandroupoli airport to city centre by bus

Alexandroupoli airport is also connected to the city centre by bus. The urban KTEL bus stand is right outside the building terminal and can transfer you to the downtown area of Alexandroupoli in a fairly cheap price (1.2€ for a one-way ticket). Although the regular bus routes are limited, you can be sure that, when you land at the airport, you will find a bus waiting for you, as the bus timetable is formed according to the flights schedule. Lastly, the estimated duration of the bus itinerary is 20 minutes, according to the traffic conditions.

How much is a bus from Alexandroupoli airport to city centre?

A one-way bus ticket for the route from Alexandroupoli airport to the city centre costs 1.2€. Tickets are available at the airport canteen. You have always the possibility to buy your ticket from the driver on the bus but it will be 0.40€ more expensive.



Trip Duration

20 Min

The average waiting time is 2 hours

Value for money

Buses are available from 07:35 to 21:20

Where do I get it from?

The bus stand is located outside the terminal building. Just follow the exit signs, after collecting all your luggage, and you will find the bus stop at no time.


A bus is without any doubt the most inexpensive option for your transfer, yet it is far from being the most convenient one. Although a bus route is available every time a flight lands, in case you miss it, you may have to wait up to 2 hours for the next one! Moreover, you will have to carry around your personal belongings and have them exposed, while the intermediate stops between the airport and the city centre are plenty. Also, it is highly unlikely the bus stop to be in front of your hotel and thus, you will have to look for the exact location of your accommodation. Finally, an urban bus takes twice the time to Alexandroupoli than a taxi ride.

Editor’s Note

Alexandroupoli urban bus timetables are formed based on the flights arrivals. Thus, every time there is a flight arrival, there will be a bus waiting for its passengers. Bus drivers wait for a small reasonable time before leaving the airport so as to be sure that all passengers are on board. Nevertheless, in case you are really late exiting the airport, it is highly possible that you will miss the bus.

Useful Tips

There is an intercity KTEL bus that connects Alexandroupoli airport to Orestiada city.
There are two additional bus routes that pass by the airport (buses 5 and 6) but since there is an urban KTEL airport bus that connects directly the airport to the city centre, you should only have to take them in case you miss the regular bus.
Always keep an eye on your personal belongings.
You can purchase your ticket on the bus but it will cost you a little bit more; having the exact amount of change is advised.

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How to get from Alexandroupoli airport to city centre by taxi

If convenience and safety are top priorities for you, then taking a Alexandroupoli airport taxi is the ideal choice! The yellow vehicles with the distinctive taxi sign on their top will be waiting for you at the taxi rank, ready to transfer you in comfort and without any delay, to your destination. As the distance to Alexandroupoli is short, the taxi ride takes only 10 minutes in order to reach the downtown area while its estimated fare, calculated by a taximeter, is approximately 10 €.

Taxi fare form Alexandroupoli airport to city centre

Alexandroupoli airport taxis don't offer set fares but their price is formed by a taximeter, based on the traversed distance. Therefore, you can only estimate that the final fee for your ride from Alexandroupoli airport to the city centre will be around 10€, under normal traffic conditions. Keep always in mind that extra charges for waiting time, too heavy luggage and travelling after midnight may apply.
Lastly, you have the possibility to book your taxi in advance, as there are numerous private taxi companies that operate a range of set fares.

Taxi prices
Day time
Night time
10 min
10 min
40 min
45 min
90 min

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Taking a taxi is the most flexible and handy transportation way for your transfer from Alexandroupoli International Airport to the city centre. Available at any given time during the operation hours of the airport, taxis will be at your immediate disposal when you land, offering personalised and door-to-door services, at the best prices.

Editor’s Note

Alexandroupoli airport taxis are metered based on distance. Thus, as the airport is located only 7km from the city centre, the taxi fare is not prohibitive while if you travel in a group and you intend to split the price, you may end up paying the same amount as if you were travelling by bus.

Useful Tips

In Greece, taxis are allowed to carry up to 4 passengers.
You can only pay your taxi driver in cash. However, in case you run out of cash, there is always the possibility to stop to a bank in order to withdraw money.
Alexandroupoli radio taxis (Faros Taxis) offer special services for disabled persons as well as vehicles that can accommodate up to 9 passengers.
Airport operation hours are different day-to day. However, the airport is usually closed in the afternoons.
Although, taxis are available only when the airport is open, you have the opportunity to make a call 24/7 as well as to book your ride in advance.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get from Alexandroupoli airport to the city center?

The International Airport of Alexandroupoli, is located 7km from the city of Alexandroupoli. A taxi ride from the airport to downtown takes approximately 10 minutes while the bus route lasts approximately 20 minutes, both of them according to the traffic conditions.

How much is a taxi from Alexamdroupoli airport to the city?

Alexandroupoli airport taxis are metered. Thus, the cost of your ride will be calculated by a taximeter, based on the distance. However, you can expect to be charged around 10€. Extra charges should apply for waiting time, too heavy luggage or travelling after midnight.

How much is a bus ticket from Alexandroupoli airport to City Centre?

The price of a regular ticket is 1.2€ per person. Tickets are available at the airport canteen as well as inside the bus, but will cost 0.40€ more.

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