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Getting from Bogota Airport to City Centre

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How to get from Bogota Airport to City Centre

Bogota Airport (BOG) is located 14km north-east of the capital of Colombia. Also, known as El Dorado International Airport, there are two ways to get to the city centre from the airport of Bogota, taxi and bus. Getting a Bogota airport taxi is a safe and hassle-free transport option. The trip takes about 35 minutes under normal traffic conditions. A single journey for max. 4 people costs around 16€ (60,000COP) depending on your exact Bogota city centre destination. If you choose to travel by bus, you will need to spend a bit more time on the road, as the trip will take you approximately 60 minutes. The bus leaves from Portal El Dorado, located a few minutes from the airport. This is the cheapest transport option with single tickets starting at 0.45€ (1,700COP).

Comparison of the options

Taxi €16 35min 24/7
Bus €0.90 60.min 04:30–22:45

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How to get from Bogota Airport to city centre by taxi

Bogota Airport (BOG) has introduced an official taxi service called Taxi Imperial. Both official and unofficial taxis operate in Gates 2, 3, 5 and 6 of Terminal 1 and in the Arrivals Gate of Terminal 2. There are two types of taxis you can use, yellow and white. For official taxis, once you arrive at Bogota Airport, book and pay before exiting the gates, using the counters available. Collect the confirmation slip and when you are ready, head outside to the taxi ranks and simply board a white taxi, showing the driver your confirmation slip. For yellow taxis, simply board a metered taxi at the taxi ranks and pay when you reach your final destination. Bogota Airport declares that only official Taxi Imperial vehicles have the right to pick up airport passengers. A taxi ride to the city centre of Bogota will take around 35 minutes and the cost will be around 16€ (60,000COP) for up to four passengers depending on your destination and the time of travel.

Taxi fare from Bogota Airport to city centre

Under standard traffic, a taxi ride from Bogota Airport to the city centre of Bogota will cost around 16€ (60,000COP). If you decide to opt for a non-official taxi provider, fares may differ. Also, it is worth noting there is a surcharge of 1.15€ (4,400COP) for airport rides, as well as a late-night service surcharge.

Taxi prices
Day time
Night time
€ 16
€ 18
€ 16
€ 18
€ 16
€ 18
€ 16
€ 18

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Getting a taxi to the city centre of Bogota is the most convenient transport method. You can prepay the fare on arrival at Bogota Airport and show the slip to your driver. Choose the official taxi provider to secure your ride and you will safely reach your Bogota city centre destination in a comfortable and quick ride.

Editor’s Note

You can prepay your Bogota city centre taxi ride using both cash and credit card at the airport counters in the Arrival Hall.

Useful Tips

Although you can opt for a non-official airport taxi ride, it is better to choose the option recommended by Bogota Airport. This way you will be sure to avoid scams, excessive charges and unauthorized drivers.
If you don't prepay your taxi ride, be sure to confirm extra charges with the driver before starting your journey.
Always check your final taxi destination beforehand to avoid getting lost or purposely rerouted.

How to get from Bogota Airport to city centre by bus

There are a number of ways to reach the city centre of Bogota by bus, depending on your final city centre destination. If you're headed to Santa Fe or La Candelaria, where many hotels are located, you can travel with the Transmilenio buses from Portal El Dorado to the city centre. Portal El Dorado is the Bogota Airport transport hub, located a few minutes away from the airport. You can reach the Portal by boarding shuttle bus service 16-14 from the airport. This is a feeder route you can ride for free up to Portal El Dorado and the bus stop is located outside Exit 6, on the first floor of Terminal 1. Feeder buses run very frequently during the day. From the bus hub, you can then take buses 1 and K86 to the city centre of Bogota. Buses to the city centre run every 10 minutes or less. Total trip duration is around 60 minutes and the ticket costs 0.45€ (1,700COP).

How much is the bus ticket from Bogota Airport to the city centre of Bogota?

Bogota bus tickets cost 0.45€ (1,700COP) for single journeys. In order to buy a ticket, you need to have a Tullave card you can issue at the Portal El Dorado bus hub. This card is useful for public transportation in Bogota. A single card can pay for multiple passengers if you don't want to get a personal card for each of your fellow passengers.



Trip Duration

60 Min.

Check the bus schedules to organise your Bogota city centre transport depending on the time of your arrival.

Value for Money

Feeder bus 16-14 operates Monday-Saturday 05:00 am-22.45 pm and Sunday 06:00 am - 21:.45 pm, while Transmilenio city centre buses 1 and K86 operate Monday-Friday 04.30 am - 22.45 pm, Saturday 06:00 am - 22.45 pm and Sunday 06:00 am - 21.45 pm.

Where do I get it from?

In order to reach the Bogota public bus network, you need to take the feeder bus 16-14 from the Airport to Portal El Dorado, which is located close to the Bogota International Airport. The feeder bus stop is located outside Exit 6, on the first floor of Terminal 1. Once you reach the Portal, you can board the bus of your choice.


Taking a bus to the city centre of Bogota is not the most convenient option. The city bus service has developed a lot recently, but if you travel with lots of luggage or are tired after a long flight, you may want to arrange an alternative means of transport to Bogota city centre, as you will have to take a feeder bus from BOG to the bus station when you arrive. Buses do not run during the night from the Bogota Airport, so check your time of arrival to plan your journey. Even though Transmilenio buses use a dedicated road network that is minimally affected by traffic, delays can still occur due to busy services and crowds.

Editor’s Note

Online information about bus routes and schedules is mostly available in Spanish. If you can't figure out the timetable, you can ask Airport or Portal employees about bus routes and times.

Useful Tips

If you are in a hurry, you can ask a person with a Tullave card to pay the bus ticket for your and pay them in cash. This is very common practice for airport bus rides and it is not prohibited.
Buses are generally safe in Bogota, but it is better not to leave your luggage unattended as thieves sometimes target visitors travelling from the airport.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Bogota Airport to La Candelaria?

Taxi fare from Bogota Airport (BOG) to La Candelaria is about 16€ (60,000COP).

Is there Uber in Bogota?

Uber is not allowed to operate in Bogota and drivers working under Uber services are not authorized.

How far is Bogota Airport from City?

Bogota Airport is 14km from the city centre of Bogota.

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