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How to get from Salzburg Airport to Salzburg City Centre

As the second largest and busiest airport in Austria, WA Mozard Salzburg International Airport offers a wide ground transportation coverage to all nearby regions, places of interest and bordering countries. In addition, the airport is directly connected to the centre of Salzburg through a bus network and multiple Salzburg airport taxi services. Every 15 to 30 minutes Bus lines No2 and No10 travel from the airport arrival terminal to Salzburg main station (hbf) located in the heart of the city. Rides for both buses will last around 15 to 25 minutes depending on the time of the day, while regular one way tickets cost 2.50€. Taxi rides from Salzburg airport cost 15-25€ on average and the journey lasts approximately 20 minutes with moderate traffic conditions.

Salzburg OG

Comparison of the options

Taxi €20 20min 24/7
Bus €5 20min 05:36–23:30

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How to get from Salzburg airport to Salzburg city centre by taxi

Due to the heavily privatized taxi industry of Salzburg, taxi companies use various distinguishing features to promote their vehicles. However, the general norm is to have dark colored vehicles with the familiar black and yellow taxi rooftop sign. Most companies use the typical taximeter as a charging method. Trips to the centre of the city range from 15€ to 25€, depending on the time of day. The total duration of the journey should take 20 minutes at most.

Taxi fare from Salzburg Airport to Salzburg city centre

The majority of the private taxi companies use a charge per distance method. In addition, the normal fare rates are increased by 25% during night hours. Usual trips to the centre of the city will cost around 15€ to 25€, including the initial fees.

Taxi prices
Day time
Night time
€ 20
€ 25
20 min
€ 20
€ 25
20 min
€ 20
€ 25
20 min
€ 140
€ 140
1 h 40 min

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The taxi companies of Austria rank among the best in Europe due to their professional operating conduct and friendly taxi services, in addition to their surprisingly affordable fare rates. Last but not least, private taxi rides offer a convenient door-to-door service, which is very practical especially if you are traveling with many bags.

Editor’s Note

Although the general approach towards tourists is very honest, travelers can always acquire additional useful information regarding routes and prices from the airport taxi service counter.

Useful Tips

Travelers are free to choose any taxi vehicle from the rank, however it is recommended to choose a vehicle from the front of the rank, since it has been waiting the longest to accommodate a passenger.
Most luggage of reasonable size as well as ski equipment will not be charged extra.

How to get from Salzburg Airport to Salzburg city centre by bus

Bus lines 2 and 10 are the only direct public transportation method to the city centre of Salzburg (main station). Both buses are generally frequent throughout most of the day. Trips to Salzburg Hauptbahnhof station last approximately 20 minutes, while a regular one way ticket costs 2.50€.

How much is the bus from Salzburg Airport to Salzburg city centre?

A regular one way ticket for the bus lines 2 and 10 costs 2.50€. Children under the age of 15, as well as students carrying their institution cards can purchase reduced tickets for 1.30€.



Trip Duration

20 Min.

Waiting time for the bus line No 2 and No 10 is around 10 to 20 minutes.

Value for Money

The buses are available from 05:36am to 11:30pm.

Where do I get it from?

The bus stops at Salzburg Airport are located right outside the terminal 2 of the airport, which is at the far left of the arrivals terminal building's exit doors.


The public transportation in Salzburg is generally considered very punctual and quite convenient. On the other hand, buses can get quite crowded during peak hours, resulting in very tight and limited luggage space. Nonetheless, bus trips are relatively short and are a great way to firsthand experience the city.

Editor’s Note

Unfortunately, there is not any standard timetable for any of the 2 bus lines, thus people need to visit the interactive bus website to obtain information on the date and time of interest.

Useful Tips

Bikes and other equipment are generally allowed on buses, however, during rush hour it is considered inappropriate to do so.
Arriving late at night, people may need to wait up to 30 minutes for a bus to arrive to Salzburg Airport. Thus, a taxi might be the best alternative on those hours.

Frequently asked questions

How much is a taxi from Salzburg Airport to Salzburg city centre?

The average fixed taxi fare from Salzburg Airport to Salzburg is 20€. Factors, such as the time of the day and traffic can affect the taxi fares.

How long is the train ride from Vienna to Salzburg?

The fast trains take 2 hours and 38 minutes from city centre to city centre (more or less).

How far is it from Salzburg Airport to the city center of Salzburg ?

The total distance from Salzburg Airport to Salzburg city centre is 11 km. The total trip with a car usually takes around 20 minutes.

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