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Transfer Options from Dublin Airport to City Centre

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How to get from Dublin Airport to City Centre

Dublin International Airport DUB, is the busiest airport of Ireland located just 10 kilometers outside of central Dublin. Despite the massive amount of passengers traveling to and from the airport, there are only two ground transportation options; a taxi or a coach. Taxis are normally always the fastest choice with 20 minute trips on average from the airport to the centre of the city. On the other hand, travelers that do not want to spend 25€ to 30€ for a Dublin airport taxi ride, can use one of the two available express buses heading directly to the heart of the city for a quarter of the cab fare.

Comparison of the options

Taxi €25 20min 24/7
Bus €14 40min 24/7

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How to get from Dublin airport to city centre by taxi

The taxi industry in Dublin is mostly efficient and well managed. The airport offers taxi services 24/7 with no additional airport fees, unlike most airports in other European cities. Vehicles are usually dark gray or black with the distinctive black and yellow taxi roof sign. Additionally, companies use stickers on dashboards to show their current fare rates. Trips to the centre of Dublin last around 20 minutes with light traffic and fares should not exceed 30€ in most cases.

Taxi fare from Dublin airport to city centre

All licensed taxis utilize typical taximeters as their charging system, with various variables further affecting final prices. The majority of a fare is generated through the following formula: Monday - Saturday; 3.80€ initial charge and 1.14€/km or 0.4€/minute. Monday - Saturday (8:00pm-8:00am); 4.20€ initial charge and 1.45€/km or 0.51€/minute. Dec 24 to Jan 1; 4.20€ initial charge and 1.80€/km or 0.64€/minute. Overall normal trips to the city should cost around 25€.

Taxi prices
Day time
Night time
€ 25
€ 25
20 min
€ 25
€ 25
20 min
€ 250
€ 250
90 min
€ 350
€ 350
150 min
€ 350
€ 350
150 min

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Despite the fact that taxi prices from Dublin airport are on the high side, the overall experience is always far superior to a public transportation, where space and privacy is very limited. Moreover, taxis are considered as the safest mean of transportation, due to the experience of most drivers and the relatively modern vehicles.

Editor’s Note

Few taxis have facilities to take credit or debit cards in the cab. If you want to pay by card, always ask the driver in advance whether they have a card machine or not.

Useful Tips

All taxis can issue a receipt (like a till receipt) stating start and end of journey time, distance traveled, the fare and the extras.
Given that the service was excellent, a small tip is normally appreciated by the drivers as a customary gesture.

How to get from Dublin airport to city centre by bus

Despite the large amount of daily passengers traveling through Dublin airport, the only public transportation alternative to the taxi are the two express bus lines; Airlink 747 and Aircoach 700. Although the buses offer slightly different features, they both pass through the heart of the city O'Connell Street St. The Airlink 747 is available from 5:00am to 11:30pm while the Aircoach 700 is available 24/7. One way tickets cost 6€ and 7€ respectively, while both buses need around 40 minutes to reach central Dublin.

How much is the bus from Dublin airport to city centre?

One way tickets for adults cost 6€ for the Airlink bus and 7€ for the Aircoach. Respectively, round trips cost 10€ and 12€. Furthermore, rates for kids come at 3€ one way / 5€ round trip for the Airlink and 2€ one way / 4€ round trip for the Aircoach. Currently, tickets can only be purchased from the driver in Euros or from the designated airport stands.



Trip Duration

40 Min.

Waiting time ranges from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the time of the day.

Value for Money

Airlink 747 is available from 5:00am to 11:30pm while the Aircoach 700 is available 24/7

Where do I get it from?

Both buses depart from the bus station in front of Terminal 1 arrivals exit doors. Once outside, the station is located on the right side of the gates.


Although the express buses take twice the travel time than a taxi, the service itself is very efficient and practical just for a quarter of the price. These express buses offer separate luggage space along with features, such as air conditioning and comfortable seats. Moreover, they skip most of the stops traveling directly to the centre of the city.

Editor’s Note

You can buy a Leap Visitor Card for only €19.50 at the SPAR shop (a small grocery shop) in the arrivals hall in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. The Leap Visitor Card is a pre-paid ticket that allows you unlimited city travel for 72 hours (3 days).

Useful Tips

There is an Airlink information desk in the arrivals hall. You can purchase your Airlink ticket there, at the Spar shop (a small store) or at the vending machines at the bus stop.
For those staying at Grand Canal Hotel the Aircoach drops you the closest. Just hop off at the School House Hotel. From there it’s only a 3 minute walk to the Grand Canal Hotel.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a train at Dublin Airport?

Dublin Airport is the only major European airport not serviced by train services. In the absence of rail services, bus routes connect the airport with the major train stations in Dublin City Centre.

How close is Dublin Airport to the city?

Dublin International Airport is approximately 6 miles / 12 kilometers north of Dublin city centre, near a large suburban area called Swords.

How much does it cost to get from Dublin Airport to the city centre?

There is usually a queue to wait, but it shouldn't take too long. A taxi from Dublin Airport to the Grand Canal Hotel in the city centre would cost between: €25 to €35, depending on the time of day

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