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Getting from Doha Airport to City

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How to get from Doha Airport to City

The Doha airport (Hamad International Airport) of Qatar is conveniently located 14 km, about a 20-minute drive, from the centre of Doha. To reach the Doha from the airport, Mowasalat operated Karwa taxis, and luxury limousines, are available. Taxis are metered and are readily available from the Doha airport’s Taxi Pavilion located to the left of the Arrivals hall. Several bus lines, also operated by Mowasalat, service the Doha airport; buses depart from the airport’s Bus Pavilion, which is to the right of the Arrival’s hall. Another great option is to schedule a transfer with one of Welcome Pickups’ professional, English-speaking drivers.

Comparison of the options

Taxi €10 15min 24/7
Bus €4.94 40min 04:42–23:42

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How to get from Doha airport to city by taxi

Taking a taxi is the fastest, most comfortable way to get to Doha from the Hamad International Airport. All official airport taxis are metered Karwa taxis operated by the Qatari state-owned company Mowasalat. You can pre-book a Karwa taxi either by phone call or via the Karwa App, or you can simply head to the Taxi Pavilion just outside of the Arrivals hall to find a taxi. Fare is determined by the distance to your destination – to reach the centre of Doha from the airport, taxi fare is around €10-€15 (QAR 40-60) and the journey takes around 15-25 minutes depending on traffic. For larger groups or families, sedans or vans are available, and for those looking to ride in style, limousines are offered.

Taxi fare from Doha airport to city

Karwa taxis are all metered and the fare is determined by the distance to your destination. The fare starts at a base of about €6 (QAR 25) and is €0.30 (QAR 1.20) per km during the day from 5 am to 9 pm and €0.45 (QAR 1.80) at night from 9 pm to 5 am. To reach Doha from the airport, the taxi fare is estimated to be around €10-15 (QAR 40-60). Only cash in the local currency is accepted – you can find ATMs near the Taxi Pavilion.


By taxi is the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Doha from Hamad International Airport. A taxi will take you directly from the airport to your destination without any hassle.

Editor’s Note

Make sure you have enough of the local currency with you to cover your taxi fare as only cash is accepted.

Useful Tips

For larger families or groups, or travelers with lots of luggage, sedans or vans are available.
Not all Doha airport taxi drivers speak English. Be sure to have your accommodation address clearly written down.

How to get from Doha airport to the city by bus

The cheapest way to reach Doha from Hamad International Airport is by bus. Mowasalat operates several bus lines from the airport – to reach Doha, you can take the Route 747 bus from the airport. Depending on your destination, the Route 777 bus or the Route 109 bus may also be good options. The Route 747 bus runs every 20 minutes from 04:42 am to 11:42 pm every day and costs €2.47 (QAR 10) for a Limited Card, which is good for two journeys within a 24 hour period. Route 747 begins and ends at the Al Ghanim Bus station with a stop at the Hamad International Airport and others stops in the city.

How much is the bus from Doha airport to the city?

To take a bus from the Hamad International Airport to Doha, you must purchase a Karwa Smartcard. Karwa Smartcards can be purchased from ticket vending machines, which can be found at the Arrivals Hall, the Ground Floor, and the Bus Pavilion. There are three kinds of smartcards:
-A Classic Card, which costs €7.42 (QAR 30) and is rechargeable. This is the best option if you plan on taking the bus often during your stay. With the Classic Card, the fare for Route 747 is €0.74 (QAR 3).
-A Limited Card, which costs €2.47 (QAR 10) and may be used for two journeys within a 24 hour period.
-An Unlimited Card, which costs €4.94 (QAR 20) and grants an unlimited number of journeys within a 24 hour period.


€2.47 (QAR 10)

Trip Duration

40 min

There is a waiting time of 20 minutes.

Value for Money

The 747 bus is available from 04:42 am to 11:42 pm.

Where do I get it from?

The buses that service the Hamad International Airport dock in the airport’s Bus Pavilion, which is to the right of the Arrivals hall. In the Arrivals Hall, signs will indicate the direction to the Bus Pavilion, and information desks are available for assistance.


If traveling on a budget, taking the bus is a great option. However, the bus is a slower means of transportation as it makes numerous stops between the airport and Doha. Also, if taking the bus, you may have to walk a bit to reach your destination.

Editor’s Note

Check where your destination is and which bus line will get you as close as possible before making your journey.

Useful Tips

The bus driver only accepts payments in cash, so be sure to carry some change.

Frequently asked questions

Does Uber operates at Hamad International Airport?

Yes, Uber operates in Doha, and you can request to be picked up by an Uber driver at the airport in the area indicated by the Uber app.

Is there a metro that connects Hamad International Airport to Doha city centre?

Currently, the metro does not go to the Hamad International Airport. However, the metro may soon service the airport.

What is the fastest way to reach Doha city centre from Hamad International Airport?

Taking a taxi is the fastest and easiest way to get to Doha from the airport. The trip takes just 15 minutes without traffic.

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